L.A.'s best dessert-inspired cocktails

Get your inner child buzzed with these boozy, sweet treats

Photograph: Rozette RagoBoozy snow cone at Good Times at Davey Wayne's

One of the top perks of being a grown-up? Indulging in our favorite childhood treats as often as we want—oh, and spiking them with alcohol. L.A.’s summer drinking trend has the city’s best bars serving boozy dessert cocktails, taking inspiration from the frozen treats we devoured as kids. 

Drink Your Dessert

Push Pop at Break Room 86

After finding the secret entrance to this radical, ’80s-themed Houston Brothers bar, hit the vintage ice cream truck in the back for some boozy push pops. The frozen mai tai is made with Denizen rum, L’Orgeat, blood orange and lime juice, and the root-beer-float version boasts Old Forester bourbon, Art in the Age root liqueur, Amaro Montenegro and coconut milk.

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Michelada Pop at Diablo

The signature Diablo pops at this modern taco joint come in a cold mug of beer rimmed with chili de árbol and gray sea salt. Choose your favorite Mexican beer, then opt for the classic michelada with a tomato-lime pop, or get wild with yuzu-jalapeño or passion-fruit–cayenne versions. 

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Silver Lake

Boozy Snow Cone at Good Times at Davey Wayne's


Grab a backyard hammock at this ’70s-themed bar and kick back with a spiked snow cone. Try the Thyme Lord with thyme-infused vodka, Chareau and cranberry-clove syrup; the Thunderbird with bourbon, orgeat and grapefruit cordial; or the Great Gazoo with cognac, crème de menthe, crème de cacao, cashew milk and condensed milk.

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Sticky Fingers at Michael's

Perfectly smooth and refreshing, this spot-on version of an orange Creamsicle combines farmers’-market–fresh tangelo juice, clementine-based Vapid vodka, Combier citrus liqueur and vanilla syrup, which is then topped with a fluffy froth of cream, egg white and soda, sprinkled with dehydrated mandarin and orange peels ground with salt.

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Santa Monica

Beer Float at Playa Provisions

Various frozen treats are available at the Small Batch counter inside this multiconcept space. For a frothy summer treat with a kick, order the Maui Coconut Porter with a scoop of house-made coffee ice cream, then go catch the sunset.

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Playa del Rey