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The 21 things Angelenos are most afraid of

Written by
Time Out Los Angeles editors

There's nowhere we'd rather be than Los Angeles, but certain things about living in this city scare the crap out of us—always have, always will. Just in time for Halloween, we've compiled a list of the spookiest things we can imagine as otherwise pretty laid back Angelenos. Cue the nightmares.

1. Shark sighting on a great surf day

2. Arriving at the farmers' market too late and realizing all the good produce is gone

3. Driving (or doing anything, really) in the rain

4. Sigalerts

5. Ordering gluten-free pasta and getting regular pasta

6. Having no cash at our favorite, cash-only food truck

7. The bicycle security guard outside of the Scientology Celebrity Centre

8. Scientologists in general

9. The unexplained pile of mattresses on the side of the freeway

10. Coyotes crossing in front of us on a hike

11. Forgetting our bear spray on a camping trip

12. Any and all Disneyland lines

13. The barista using whole milk when we specifically asked for soy

14. Angry, drunk, sore-loser Dodgers fans—especially if we don't happen to be wearing blue

15. The avocado shortage

16. First-time Uber drivers

17. Award show street closures

18. Silverfish (they move so fast!?)

19. Overwatering our succulents 

20. Forgetting our jackets when the temp dips below 70 degrees

21. New Yorkers moving here in droves, hiking up rent prices even more and blowing up all our favorite local spots

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