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Photograph: Rozette Rago

The most insane things we overheard at Coachella 2017

Michael Juliano
Written by
Michael Juliano

We don't know if it's the desert heat, drugs or the primal urge to dance, but there's something about Coachella that lets the most insane things slip from people's mouths. And no, we're not talking about vomit—though there's disgustingly plenty of that. We're referring to the nonsensical snippets of sass we hear from festival attendees while walking between stages.

So, we decided to start jotting down some of the best—and by best, we mean the most utterly baffling—bits of conversations we've heard. Here, presented with as little context as possible are the most insane things we heard at Coachella 2017.

"You're so smart. Damn, these glasses just turn all the girls on."

"Zoe has to go to the bathroom."
"Which kind?"

"What's going on over there?"
"Tyga." [during Tycho's set]

"Come on Alex, let's turn down for nothing."

"God, DJ Snake is literally the pit of hell."

"What's the connection between Lauryn Hill and DJ Snake?"
"Lauryn Hill needed the money."

"Are we gonna dance together?"

"I've got beaucoup boogers."

"Outside Lands makes this look like fucking Disneyland."

"Can I take your photo?"
"Does it matter that I just took four hits of acid?"

"They were so engaged in our conversation that it felt like we were about to have a threesome."

"That was fire emoji."

"I can't believe Austin accidentally added acid to your water."
"I wonder if that's what made you lose your voice."

"I'm bleeding again."

"If I were to start peeing right here would anybody mind?" [said by a lady]

Find out how these stack up to the most insane things we overheard at Coachella 2016.

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