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This new app wants to hook you up with (almost) free food

Written by
Brittany Martin

Off the Menu Club wants to give you an excuse to try a different L.A. restaurant every night of the week. The just-launched mobile app charges a flat monthly subscription rate which gets you exclusive access to seven dishes per week from local restaurants at no additional charge.

If you’re a frequent restaurant diner, the deal is strongly in your favor. The monthly subscription costs just $20 and that includes the ability to claim a secret, off-menu meal every single day. That works out to just 66 cents per dish if you get everything you’re eligible for, which is pretty impressive since the restaurants on the platform include some super upscale spots like Otium, Winsome and Hinoki and the Bird.

Each Sunday, the app updates with the seven new dishes on offer for the week. Members can choose one each day to collect while they last and redeem during a dine-in visit. When the week ends, those dishes disappear and seven new foods arrive in the app.

Since the restaurants and dishes rotate, you might need to be a bit flexible and willing travel to claim every possible food. But when a single small plate on the menu at a spot like Winsome typically costs $12 to $19 to begin with, as long as you snag at least two dishes per month through Off the Menu Club, you’re likely to be looking at a savings. Plus, we can imagine it being a fun motivation to try out new restaurants and maybe find a new favorite along the way.  

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