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Fluffernutter sandwich at Black Market Liquor Bar
Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Here’s where to find L.A.’s best stoner food, delivered to your door

Hit a button and these cheesy, chocolatey, craveable dishes will come to you

Written by
Stephanie Breijo

Let’s face it: You’re not getting off the couch anytime soon. You’ve already made the trek to a weed dispensary or snagged some green from a, uh, friend, you’ve lit up and now, like some blood-crazed werewolf, the hunger has taken hold. Before the thought of interacting with anyone sends you into a paranoid spiral, take a breath and open up a delivery app because some of L.A.’s best munchies come straight to you. Whether you’re craving something chocolatey, something meaty, something spicy or something deep-fried, here’s where to find the city’s top stoner food for delivery.

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Here’s where to fulfill every food craving from your couch

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Chocolate-glazed, custard-filled and sprinkle-topped, Donut Friend has all the classics, plus some of L.A.’s more inventive takes: The Give Up the Toast doughnut is a French toast variant with raisin dough, maple glaze and house-made cinnamon crumble, while the Angry Samoa—quite possibly our favorite in the shop—is everything you love about the Girl Scout cookie but in doughnut form. They make an insane Speculoos cookie doughnut, a peanut butter and jelly doughnut, and even a doughnut sandwich filled with strawberries and whipped cream. What’s more, each one sports a punny name and/or a riff on bands, and every single doughnut in the shop is vegan (not that dairy fanatics would even notice the difference).

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As L.A.’s mack daddy of gargantuan sandwiches, Fat Sal’s Deli isn’t afraid to get messy. The sandwich shop offers regular stacks, and they also hit the spot, but if you want to go big, go for one of the “fat sandwiches,” which get served on extra-wide hero bread and come decked out with insane ingredients. You want Nashville-style hot chicken topped with mac-and-cheese bites and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? You’ve got it. You want rib-eye steak buried under mozzarella sticks and fried eggs and chicken fingers and melted cheese? Sure. What about steak with onion rings, brown gravy and fries? It’s got all that and more, including loaded fries, vegan options, and stacked burgers, too. And if you need something sweet, Fat Sal’s also does right by milkshakes with, you guessed it, plenty of ingredients.

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After Wes Avila’s taco truck settled into a brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Arts District, it started to play around even more than before, offering new daily specials and some killer forever items. One of those is the breakfast burrito, here served as more or less straightforward: It’s got scrambled eggs, beans, bacon cheese, avocado, hash browns, rice and avocado salsa, but you can also stuff it with your choice of another meat such as grilled chicken or steak. It’s a burrito with some heft and a ton of flavor (and would you expect anything less from Avila?), and it’s filling no matter how bottomless you’re feeling. The best part? It’s served all day, so you can snag one whenever the craving strikes.

Alhambra’s metal-themed, meat-slinging burger shop doesn’t serve a single patty that’s not obscenely dressed. Some get topped with chicken taquitos. Others drown in champagne hollandaise sauce. One even arrives on waffles in lieu of a bun. We’re partial to the Napalm Death, a medium-rare, half-pound patty drenched in gooey pepperjack, pickled jalapeños and cream cheese, then it’s all topped off with fried jalapeño poppers and habanero aioli. You want something spicy, something meaty and something borderline unholy-delicious? You’ve come to the right place.
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We’d risk it all for Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding even in a non-altered state, but when it comes to, uh, snacking, this fluffy, whipped, pillowy, light-as-air dessert can’t be beat. Each batch gets whipped cream folded into it, making for an almost mousse-like texture (but it’s somehow even more silken than that), then gets studded with softened Nilla Wafers. Good thing they make a party size.


What if you could have pasta but as pizza? Pizzana’s got you covered with this galaxy-brain dish, a rich, cheesy, peppery take on the Italian classic, now atop another Italian classic. This pizza comes laden with dollops of parmesan cream and sprinkles of fior di latte cheese, a serious high-end take for serious cheese cravings.

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Rice Box sells plenty of traditional Cantonese BBQ classics, but when they go off the rails, they veer into serious stoner-food territory. The char siu egg roll has everything: the perfect crunch of a thin, fried wrapper, morsels of smoky-sweet Chinese BBQ pork, molten strands of monterey jack cheese, and to freshen it all up, a side of mustard greens. This fast-casual DTLA joint also offers pillowy house-made bao that can come traditional or full of pork and gooey cheese, and they’ve even got a vegan option (not to mention vegan potstickers).

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