Terminus: Jess Johnson and Simon Ward

Jess Johnson and Simon Ward Terminus Heide supplied 2019
Photograph: National Gallery of Australia Jess Johnson and Simon Ward with 'Terminus'

Time Out says

Step into a futuristic sci-fi world in this exhibition of innovative virtual reality art at Heide

It’s only relatively recently that artists have started embracing virtual reality as a medium, but New York-based visual artist Jess Johnson and New Zealand animator Simon Ward use the technology better than just about anybody in this exhibition of five works that take you into different realms. Some are curiously beautiful and relaxing, while others are a total sensory overload. And as with all virtual reality, the viewer is in complete control. There’s also a physical element to the exhibition, with the entire floor covered by a tesselated pattern relating to the worlds they conjure up in virtual reality.

Terminus premiered at the National Gallery of Australia in 2018 and is now embarking on a national tour. Heide Museum of Modern Art is the first stop.

By: Ben Neutze



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