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Two peregrine falcons nesting on a skyscraper
Photograph: 367 Collins Falcon Livestream

Collins Street’s famous rooftop falcons are back for 2021

This livestream follows Melbourne's famous falcon pair as they raise a new clutch of chicks each year
Written by
Nicola Dowse

Falcon watch is back for 2021, with Melbourne's most famous bird of prey pair returning to their Collins Street skyscraper to hatch another clutch of eggs. 

Peregrine falcons have been nesting on 367 Collins Street since 1991, with the building providing popular with the birds thanks to its southeast-facing direction (meaning it gets morning, but not afternoon sun). 

This year four eggs were laid in late August, which will take roughly a month to hatch. That means you can expect the first chicks to emerge in late September or early October, similar to previous years. In the meantime you can watch Mum and Dad falcon take turns to incubate their eggs (peregrine falcons believe in equal parenting) and return from hunting with small birds and rodents. It can be a bit visceral at times, so be warned.

The best part is you can watch every second of the process via the 367 Collins Falcons livestream, which has been running since 2016. Or if you're a super keen twitcher, head over to the 367 Collins Falcon Watchers Facebook page (where members of the public submit some of the most exciting or cute scenes from the stream, plus information on the birds).

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