In Flagrante

In Flagrante (Photograph: Supplied)
Photograph: Supplied
In Flagrante (Photograph: Supplied)
Photograph: Supplied
In Flagrante (Photograph: Supplied)
Photograph: Supplied

[Sponsored] Burlesque gets a slick, contemporary facelift in this provocative new show

Think you know burlesque? Think again. The Butterfly Club – Melbourne’s go-to venue for intimate, one-of-a-kind performances – is hosting a burlesque show with a difference this May.

In Flagrante is a neo-burlesque show that takes all the conventions of burlesque and flips them on their heads. With a name that translates from Latin as “the blazing offence” you know from the get-go that this is going to be one fiery performance that will challenge audiences as much as it seduces them. It’s burlesque but not as you know it, with the show heavily influenced by contemporary choreography and high end modern dance techniques.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time the delightfully seedy In Flagrante has been performed in Melbourne. The audacious show burst onto the city’s theatre scene last May when it shocked audiences (in the very best way) with its choreographed narrative of fetish, fantasy and gender politics. Funny, provocative and very, very sexy In Flagrante and its all-woman cast pulls no punches as they lead you down their burlesque rabbit hole.

Expect vignettes that makes fun of the patriarchy in the most erotic way possible. This isn’t a show for the pearl-clutching crowd. You’re going to see everything from lonely North Korean traffic girls to steampunk heroines performing to a soundtrack littered with dark, heady music featuring Nick Cave, David Lynch and Klaus Waldeck.

Directed by top New Zealand choreographer and arts entrepreneur Mary Jane O’Reilly In Flagrante has made a big splash internationally with appearances on The Colbert Report, Germany’s Got Talent and the Munich BDSM Film Festival. The burlesque performance is only playing six shows at the Butterfly Club so book your tickets pronto to avoid missing out on this sensuous theatrical experience.

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