La Vie Dans Une Marionette

La Vie Dans Une Marionette
Photograph: Stephen A'Court

The Kiwi physical theatre troupe hit Arts Centre Melbourne this summer

[Sponsored] New Zealand’s White Face Crew will perform La Vie Dans Une Marionette, aka Life in a Puppet, this January.

Uniting the arts of clowning, dance, comedy and physical theatre, the performance delves the story of a lonely musician. He buys a puppet to keep himself company, and from there an enchanting, melodramatic world is created, in which the duo explore with much hilarity. 

With music composed by French musician Yann Tiersen (the guy behind the Amélie soundtrack), this family-friendly performance is perfect for anyone aged 8 to 80, packed with laughter and moments that'll warm your heart. The White Face crew will bring some special New Zealand flair to the French tale, with performers Justin Haiu, Tama Jarman and Jarod Rawiri bringing the story and stage to life with plenty of pizazz.

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