Séance at Federation Square

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Séance at Federation Square
Photograph: Wendyhouse films

Here’s your chance to (potentially) summon something spooky on your lunch break

A pop-up séance event is in Federation Square until Sunday November 12. Séance is an immersive sound experience created by Brits Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, in collaboration with Melbourne team Realscape Productions.

This isn’t your normal parlour trick séance. Neath and Rosenberg’s séance is more of a conceptual art experience: think Ai Weiwei meets Alison DuBois. The séance relies on psychology and our inclination towards superstition to alter guests’ perception of reality, all while never leaving a shipping container in Fed Square.

You’ll enter the container, put on noise cancelling headphones, sit down around a table, place your hands on the table and be plunged into darkness. As a soundscape plays through your headphones, you might just start “seeing” things that aren’t really there (or are they?). 

Séance sessions run for 15 minutes and will set you back $20.

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