The Recipe Club's Mother's Day launch

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The Recipe Club launch
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Cook a family favourite recipe and bring your dish to share for a multi-ethnic celebration of culinary heritage

Did your mother or grandmother have a wonderful dish she made for special occasion, when you were sick or for dinner every week? Cook your favourite family recipe and bring it along to the launch of the Recipe Club on Mother's Day.

Participants will all bring plates to share, and the dishes will be professionally photographed before everyone tucks in. Don't forget to bring the recipe, too – they will be collated into a digital cookbook to celebrate and share everyone's culinary cultural heritage. 

The event is part of Melbourne Knowledge Week and is hosted by Tracey Rychter of The New York Times Australia.

And if your mother was not a cooking whiz, feel free to bring stories of kitchen disasters and reinvent a family 'classic' to share. 

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