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And Miami’s coolest neighborhood is…

Written by
Ryan Pfeffer

Time Out has been hard at work lately trying to answer one very important—and very difficult—question. Or, more accurately, 50 very important—and very difficult—questions.

What are the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world?

It’s an ambitious undertaking but we’re pleased to announce that the results are in—and we have a very dope list of places that are going to make you reach for your credit card request a thousand vacation days.

Here in Miami, one of these 50 neighborhoods sounds mighty familiar. Coming in at 33 on the list is none other than our very own Wynwood, the home of Gramps, Salty Donut, the best breweries in the city and enough paint to fill the Gulf of Mexico. We must say, we’re quite proud. And while one could make strong arguments for Miami neighborhoods like Little Havana or South Beach or Downtown—it’s hard to argue that Wynwood hasn’t become the epicenter of Miami event calendars across the city. The walkable arts district has three James Beard nominees and five of our 20 favorite bars in Miami. And we have not even gotten to the murals or the Wynwood Walls yet, which still draw thousands and thousands of visitors, especially around Art Basel time.

So, you go, Wynwood! Stay delicious, colorful and, most importantly, Miami.

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