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Photograph: Time Out Market Montréal | Cocktails

12 new cocktails you need in your drinking repertoire this year

Discover a unique mixology experience inspired by the culinary talent at Time Out Market Montréal—sustainability twist included.

Written by
Laura Osborne

A mojito spiked with kaffir lime, litchi and aloe?  A spicy sake sour with a cucumber twist? It’s a new year with a new cocktail menu.

Time Out Market Montréal, home to 6 bars including downtown’s newest wine bar, is pulling out all the stops with a new killer cocktail menu.

Inspired by some of the best chefs and restaurants in the city under one roof, Time Out Market Montréal has created a new cocktail menu just in time for the new year. 

Celebrating the best of Montreal’s culinary scene, the Market menu’s diverse flavours and a sustainability twist, these new cocktails are equally delicious as they are good for the environment.

Time Out Market Montréal
Photograph: Time Out Market Montréal | Bar

Kevin Llamas, Time Out Market Montréal’s bar manager, blends 10 years of experience, his instruction at the European Bartender School in London and countless cocktail competitions at the Market, bringing flair, expertise and a touch of drama to these delicious creations.

From a velvety smooth espressotini that uses Tunnel Espresso’s upcycled coffee grounds to an addictively delicious Banana Maï Taï featuring a Haitian tea made from discarded plantain peels, pair your next dish from the Market with one (or two) of these next-level cocktails.

What: Sayuuri Sour

Le Blossom
Photograph: Sayuuri Sour | Le Blossom

Inspiration: Le Blossom

This sustainable cocktail features premium vodka, zested lime, silky nigori sake, and homemade cucumber syrup—a celebration of eco-conscious mixology.

What: Bossa Nova

Photograph: Bossa Nova | Bossa

Inspiration: Bossa

The Bossa Nova highlights Quebecois Violette gin, mint and verbena cordial, blending floral, herbal, and fruity notes for a drink that evokes both the elegance and freshness of Italian cuisine.

What: Aam Panna

Le Taj
Photograph: Aam Panna | Le Taj

Inspiration: Le Taj

Skillfully combining spiced rum, mango syrup, ginger, and masala chai tea, this cocktail is an exquisite sensory experience inspired by Indian cuisine.

What: Tram 28

Photograph: Tram 28 | Campo

Inspiration: Campo

Inspired by the famous Lisbon tram, this concoction blends whiskey, citrus cordial, pastéis de nata syrup, and red port, capturing the warm atmosphere of the capital of Portugal.

What: Reina de La Noche

Photograph: Reina de La Noche | Ibéricos

Inspiration: Ibéricos

The Reina de la Noche marries tequila, Spanish spice syrup, sherry, grapefruit, and pineapple for a taste of an enchanting night in Spain.

What: Il Sogno

Photograph: Il Sogno | Moleskine

Inspiration: Moleskine

Fusing smoky mezcal with the freshness of citrus, and complemented by a hint of rosemary, this bold combination is reminiscent of a gastronomic dream where flavours mingle memorably.

What: T Boréal

Burger T!
Photograph: T Boréal | Burger T!

Inspiration: Burger T!

Paying homage to local products, this cocktail brings all the sweet, fruity flavours and distinctive aromas of Quebec's boreal forest.

What: Velvet EspressoTini

Tunnel Espresso
Photograph: Velvet EspressoTini | Tunnel Espresso

Inspiration: Tunnel Espresso

This twist on the Espresso Martini upcycles Tunnel Espresso’s coffee grounds for a bold taste experience, highlighting Time Out Market Montréal’s sustainable commitment by using locally sourced ingredients.

What: Yuzu Sakura

Photograph: Yuzu Sakura | Marusan

Inspiration: Marusan

Combine the sweetness of peach, the delicacy of sakura, subtle aromas of Japanese tea, the depth of whisky, and the vibrancy of yuzu and you’ve got a combination that evokes the flavours and culinary traditions of Japan.

What: Banana Maï Taï

Paul Toussaint
Photograph: Banana Maï Taï | Paul Toussaint

Inspiration: Paul Toussaint

An equally delicious yet innovative creation using plantain banana peels from Paul Toussaint to create a Haitian tea, this sustainable cocktail showcases intense flavours while reducing food waste.

What: Mojito du Tigre

Le Tigre
Photograph: Mojito du Tigre | Le Tigre

Inspiration: Le Red Tiger

A refreshing and exotic concoction inspired by Vietnamese cuisine highlights ingredients such as kaffir, aloe, and lychee for a unique journey through Asia.

What: Passione Piccante

Il Miglio
Photograph: Passione Piccante | Il Miglio

Inspiration: Il Miglio

The intoxicating mix of tequila, vanilla, Italian pepperoncini chili, and passion fruit evokes fiery passion with every sip.

See the complete menu here:

Photograph: Time Out Market Montréal | Cocktails

For more information about Time Out Market Montréal, click here.

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