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Have you been to NYC's only raw cookie dough restaurant?

Dorkys Ramos

What was once a forbidden treat swiped from the kitchen is now a full-on raw dessert, thanks to cookie-dough brand DŌ. This online company opened its first shop in January in Greenwich Village, and families cannot get enough of its customizable flavors, which are both safe to eat and incredibly yummy.

founder Kristen Tomlan was inspired to launch her gourmet cookie-dough company in 2014 after visiting a cookie shop with her girlfriends. Instead of buying fresh cookies, the women opted for a batch of dough straight from the freezer. “We then sat in our car passing around a tub of cookie dough, and I thought, why is this not a thing? Why can’t I go into a store and order cookie dough without feeling bad about it or worrying that I would get sick from it?”  is made with pasteurized egg product and heat-treated flour—along with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives.

With fan-favorite flavors like Signature Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie, Brownie Batter, Oatmeal M&M, and Comman DŌ, anyone with a serious sweet tooth would be hard-pressed to find a variety they didn’t love. The brand even offers vegan and gluten-free options! “I hope every customer has an amazing experience, from the moment they step in line to their last bite of dough,” says Tomlan. “Our goal is to bring a smile to people’s faces. We allow our guests to eat cookie dough the way they have been sneaking it for years—straight from the mixing bowl!”

carries on the theme with other cookie-dough–based treats including sundaes, milk shakes, freshly baked cookies, chocolate fudge filled and topped with cookie dough, cookie-dough-ice-cream pie, cookie-dough brownies, a 9" cookie cake and the ice cream sanwich. If you’re looking for a place to bring the little ones for their next celebration or a “just because” treat, you’ll definitely want to check this out. For more details on flavors, check out Time Out New York's recapVisit DŌ at 550 LaGuardia Pl (646-892-3600, 

*This article was originally published in Time Out New York Kids Issue 97.

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