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Photograph: Courtesy Sesame Workshop, 2017/Richard Termine

Sesame Street introduces kids to Rudy and blended families

Written by
Dorkys Ramos

An adorable new character has moved into Sesame Street, and he's in town to spread an important lesson. Rudy, a three-year-old orange monster with blue curls, is Abby Cadabby’s stepbrother and is here to teach young viewers about blended families. The step siblings are getting to know one another after Abby’s mom, the Fairy Godmother, married Rudy’s dad. As they do, the mischievous but well-intentioned brother sparks a few hijinks.

Photograph: Courtesy Sesame Workshop, 2017/Zach Hyman

In the first episode introducing Rudy, Rosita and Elmo help Abby welcome her new stepbrother. In the following episodes, "Rudy Lets Loose" and "Hide and Seek Rudy," the little monster uses Abby’s magic wand without her permission and turns himself into a dog and then a banana. And in "Four Seasons," Rudy tries to help Grover get over his cold in the autumn by changing the seasons with magic once again. Only this time, the seasons change every time Grover sneezes.

Sesame Street has been slowly introducing more diverse characters onto the show and its 47th season focuses on diversity, inclusion, respect and kindness. Julia, a character with autism, was introduced in April along with digital resource materials to help children understand and better engage with other children who have autism. The show also helps a wider audience find characters they can relate to on screen while practicing empathy and embracing each other no matter our differences.

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