Free MetroCards for NYC students? Here's a look at the MTA's new proposal


Could things be looking up for Gotham commuters? It appears parents might have something to look forward to in the near future.

According to Patch, 
a new $200,000 MTA plan intends to shell out free MetroCards to eligible NYC students who rely on public buses to attend school and after-school programs

“This is a common-sense policy that makes it easier for kids to get to school and does away with needless complexities that have existed for too long,” New York City Transit President Andy Byford said in a statement

This Wednesday, MTA Board members will vote on a proposal. With this new system in place, the half-fare MetroCard for $1.35—which children must pay for in coins—would no longer exist.  

“Replacing half-fare cards with full-fare ones saves money for students and saves time for everyone on a bus since the need for coins is eliminated,” Byford further added.

Considering kiddos using half-fare MetroCards account for roughly 27,000 bus rides per day, all straphangers can benefit from this new plan. Fingers crossed the morning rush will go more smoothly moving forward. 

But the proposal about more than timeliness according to the MTA.  

“This is a social justice and equity issue for students who are forced to pay to go to public school,” Assembly Member Harvey Epstein said in a statement. “I commend the MTA for working towards a solution to provide more equity in transportation for New York’s students.”

Be sure to explore the NYC School Calendar for 2019–2020 and our guide to the best classes for kids in NYC. To learn more about this proposal, visit the MTA website

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