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Here's how to get cheap Broadway tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Written by
Dorkys Ramos

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is arriving on Broadway March 2018, and because it will be shown as two parts requiring separate tickets, you’re probably wondering if this must-see play will cost you twice as much. Never fear, mere muggles: The production company has announced several ways we can nab tickets for super cheap!

First off, more than 300 seats at each performance will be available at $40 or under, including 150 seats priced at $20. In addition, the production will release 40 tickets for amazing seats for $20 every Friday at 1pm. “The Friday Forty,” as they’re called, will only be able through the website once previews begin.

A variety of ticket price levels will also be available, so don’t assume the rest of the seats are exorbitantly priced. The first release for performances beginning April 25 will include tickets priced at $20, $40, $80, $130, $165 and $199 per part. During previews, which take place March 16 to April 21, tickets will cost $20, $40, $70, $120, $155 and $189 per part.

But if you want a chance to get tickets at all, you’ll have to register online by October 5 at 10pm. Only those who’ve registered and randomly selected to receive an access code will be able to buy tickets beginning October 18.

Add this to your list of ways to get discount tickets for kids for some of the best Broadway shows!

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