Keep kids busy with DIY projects and activities from NYC shops and businesses

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Danielle Valente

The city that never sleeps has suddenly become very quiet. 

Amid health and safety concerns, as well as coronavirus closures and cancellations, New Yorkers have resorted to staying in. (As a result, we even temporarily changed our logo.) But we'll help you make the most out of your city...even while you're in your apartment. 

Although many classes for kids and family attractions aren't operating normally, we've come across some entertaining DIY projects and activities, straight from NYC's coolest destinations. If you're worried how to keep the kids entertained during this time, read on! 

For the scientists:

Carmelo the Science Fellow, who operates kids' workshops, camps and birthday parties from his Brooklyn outpost, has also gifted young scientists with monthly DIY projects online. We're certain your lab techs would love to try their hand at making this aluminum foil volcano

For the chefs:

Sample cuisines from around the world without leaving your kitchen. FreshMade NYC's *free*2019 Around the World e-book will give little foodies access to plenty of recipes that they'll be anxious to tackle...and eat! 

For the artists: 

What's more rewarding than completing a project and having a prized possession to display? Brooklyn Craft Company guides creative visionaries toward making the mini loom of their dreams. This is a great thing to try with tweens and teens who want to add a few chic touches to their space. 

For the strategists:

Nothing is better than a good game of chess, right? NYCChessKids 
gives mini Bobby Fischers an opportunity to test their skills online. Better think about that next move carefully!

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