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The new “Skyline” exhibit offers a look at NYC's past, present and future

Danielle Valente

There's a reason New Yorkers can't get enough of waterfront parks—those epic views of the city never get old. With a skyline so breathtaking, it's no wonder Brooklyn Bridge Park and similar venues are always so packed. 

For those who can't resist Instagram-worthy urban snapshots, we have good news. A recently opened exhibit from the Skyscraper Museum, titled Skyline, gives visitors a glimpse at the Manhattan horizon from three vantage points: the past, present and the future. With an emphasis on economic, technological and regulatory factors, the exhibition delves into different aspects of the city and offers something for all interests.  

Beginning in the early 1900s, Skyline provides visitors with a blast from the past while working its way up to the current (and future) state of the iconic panorama views (the museum breaks up the exhibit into five time frames). While at the attraction (or even online) check out the differences throughout the years with the interactive slider. Pretty interesting, right? Think how much photos have changed over time, especially ones taken in the same spot. Visitors can also rewind with the museum's collection of early 20th-century memorabilia such as magazines, movies, photos and other trinkets. 

History buffs, urbanites, engineers and curious minds will love spending time at the Skyscraper Museum, so visit before it closes in January 2019!

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