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Yippee! CAMP's Holiday Toy Lab theme is the perfect winter shopping experience

Written by
Danielle Valente

If your littles have begun drafting a holiday wishlist, now is the time to pay a visit to one of the most popular New York toy store locales.

Beginning today, CAMP will transform into a winter wonderland. With the help of eko, the shop's Toy Lab CAMP theme will boast a variety of interactive features that emanate major North Pole vibes.

Akin to channeling the role of elves, little shoppers will make their way into the "fun-o-vator," select a toy-testing job (funfluencer, awesomeness agent and play pioneer) and receive a lanyard that they'll get hole-punched as they test each item. It sounds like Santa's workshop has a bit of competition from CAMP! 

Plus, youngsters and their families will be able to enjoy immersive experiences that make for some of the best indoor activities this winter. Take a gander at the store's new theme and its awesome offerings. 

Racetrack and ball pit 

On your mark...get set...go! Micro and CAMP set up an adorable racetrack for scootin' kiddos. Plus, there's a slide and ball pit at the center of the track (and counselors will be on hand to watch your speed demons). 

Photograph: Danielle Valente

Game Room 

Take a break from the screen and enjoy old-school board games in this super-cozy play sanctuary. 

Photograph: Danielle Valente

Surprise Room 

Feeling festive yet? The Surprise Room, which features cool accessories like disco balls, also leads to Santa's workshop, where families can search for gifts and enjoy a sampling of Christmas cookies. Yum!

Photograph: Courtesy CAMP Stores

Photograph: Danielle Valente

Character Room 

Arguably one of the coolest features of Toy Lab, the Character Room is chock-full of those presents your kiddos want to see under the tree: (hello Anna and Elsa goodies)! Plus, there is a fun-house mirror as well as an observation deck overlooking the racetrack. (Fair warning: It's the perfect size for kids. Parents...err...not so much.) 

Head to the store this weekend to explore all of the fun that awaits! Don't forget to check out our favorite Christmas events for kids while you're at it! 'Tis the season! 

Photograph: Danielle Valente

If you can't get enough of CAMP Stores, be on the lookout for the two new forthcoming NYC locations: City Point and Hudson Yards! 

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