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21 reasons NYC kids are the best

From hailing cabs at five years old to breaking it down at kid raves, our savvy NYC youngsters never cease to amaze us

Photograph: courtesy Shutterstock

1. New York City kids have lawyer-like negotiating skills. They’ll sell you on a later bedtime and convince you to take them to Dough before you can say “Brooklyn.”

2. They're so cool that they're influencing fashion. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… toddlercore.

3. They can throw shade before they're even able to form full sentences. Often, on your behalf. 

4. By the age of three, they’ll have a superhero-like immune system (might have something to do with licking that subway pole…)

5. New York City kids break the law in the least obvious ways (e.g. jaywalking or keeping an oh so dangerous ferret as a pet)

6. They know the guys at iconic skate shop Supreme and get all the good stuff in advance.

7. Their quirky sidewalk chalk creations trump graffiti. Just look at that chicken-dragon-doggie thing! 

8. You never have to worry about them becoming teenagers, sneaking into the city, taking molly, losing their phone and ending up in a police precinct not knowing their own name or home address.

9. They know how to hail a cab before most kids have learned how to ride a bike. 

10. New York City kids have tasted foods from around the globe and still prefer macaroni and cheese out of the box.

11. They have a favorite artisanal ice cream shop.

12. Car seats? What car seats? Most New York toddlers are cool enough to avoid this constricting contraption altogether. Helloooo, subway!

13. Field trips? Son, please. Endless school museum tours and trips to Broadway shows make up a typical weekend. What else you got? 

14. Teenagers never have to learn to drive. Or ask for a ride anywhere. 

15. They get away with zipping around on scooters everywhere we wish we could.

16. New York City kids squeeze into a packed subway car with ease and have the subway map memorized by the age of 10…after all, it’s on their shower curtain.

17. They live in proximity to some of the coolest toy stores in the world (e.g. FAO Schwartz, Times Square Toys “R” Us)

18. New York City kids get to go to raves and kid-friendly bars waaaay before they’re 21.

19. Their chores will never involve mowing the lawn.

20. They’ll walk in the footsteps of great storybook characters like Harriet the Spy, Eloise and Stuart Little.

21. New York City kids have an app for that.