A child doing watersports.
Photograph: Courtesy Adirondack Camp
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Adirondack Camp


Time Out says

Hidden away on a New England mountainside, this intentionally rustic upstate camp—Adirondack Camp “unapologetically, purposefully, and proudly” has no central air, cell phone reception, paved roads or even electricity in the cabins—is aimed at teaching your children the beauty of slowing down, of interacting with the world around them sans technological comforts and modern distractions. And the littles won’t miss those smartphones and iPads at all when they take a gander at their daily itineraries, which families can help plan: each camper can either focus largely on their favorite activities (like arts and crafts) or try something new (like wakeboarding or archery) during their time at Adirondack. Ages 7–17. 


302 Warrick Rd
Putnam Station
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