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Brooklyn Heights

Historically and geographically, Brownstone Brooklyn begins here.

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Elementary school
37 Hicks Street. Grades K--6.
What's special: A dynamo principal and able staff developer are invigorating the school.
Downside:School still has a way to go, particularly in the upper grades.
Reading scores:4 stars
Math scores:5 stars
The zone for PS 8 includes the million-dollar brownstones of Brooklyn Heights, but until recently most middle class parents in the neighborhood sent their children to private schools or to better regarded public schools.... Read the full review from Insideschools.org
Middle school
283 Adams Street. Grades 6--12.
What's special: Girls-only school with strong math, science focus.
Downside: Not all students committed to theme.
Reading scores:4 stars
Math scores:5 stars
The only all-girls math and science middle school in the city, the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women (UAIMSYW) is a lively and homey place. Co-directors Kiri Soares and Kelly DeMonaco always have their office door open, and students seem to have warm relationships with their teachers and administrators. We saw lots of eager student participation in classes and lots of energetic teaching. There is a nice mix of young teachers and seasoned professionals... Read the full review from Inside Schools
High school
49 Flatbush Avenue Extension. Grades 9--12.
What's special: Outstanding blend of academics and arts education.
Downside: Gritty neighborhood location.
It's easy to miss the Brooklyn International High School on a gritty, traffic-choked spur of Flatbush Avenue, within honking distance of the Manhattan Bridge. In a building first built as a torpedo factory and later used as offices for the Board of Education, it shares space with three other schools... Read the full review from Inside Schools
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