Parenting Fails: The funniest parenting blunders from NYC families (January)

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and deny it later.

 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I toilet trained my child by giving her Hershey's Kisses when she was successful. When I took her to the dentist, she had five cavities." —Shy Eyes, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I overheard Jacob telling his friend, 'Dammit isn't a bad word, Mommy says it all the time.'" —Andrea, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I'm not ready to explain death to a toddler, so mine's secretly on his third identical Beta fish." —Jared, Bronx
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My kids were naughty, so their Elf on the Shelf "ate" some of their gingerbread house." —Dani, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Took the kids to Six Flags and peer pressured them to go on a rollercoaster. One of them puked." —Jack, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Accidentally ripped the head off my kid's Barbie." —Alexis, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Cassie stood up at the Radio City Christmas Show and said, 'I'm tired of all this Jesus stuff.'" —Sarah, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My kid was definitely the reason for a Kiddie Pool evacuation last summer." —Jacklyn, Queens
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Gave my four-year-old a lollipop and eventually noticed she was letting the dog take a lick every now and then." —Roxanne, Manhattan 
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"We were taking a group photo when I realized my son Patrick was off to the side crying because we forgot him." —Jean, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I came back from a business trip (dad was on duty) and picked the kids up from school. My daughter had two left-footed shoes…" —Ava, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"I left my Sammie with a box of Entenmanns doughnuts. Returned and there was a single bite out of each one." —Jessica, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"My son peed into a potted plant on a restaurant’s patio!" Elizabeth, Brooklyn
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"Mason caught me eating one of Santa’s cookies and about lost his mind." —Annette, Manhattan
 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli"On the way to church my Lily tripped and her dress flipped over her head to reveal a bare bottom. I'd forgotten her pull-ups." —Linda, Queens

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