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Non-douchey rooftop bars in NYC

Sip sky-high sangria and rooftop cocktails without the hassle at these non-douchey rooftop bars in NYC

 We all love a good rooftop bar–with the breeze, the booze and that picture-perfect sunset glow that renders Instagram filters functionless. But nothing ruins a night out with some sweet summer drinks in NYC like an obnoxious crowd—that’s where the city’s best non-douchey rooftop bars come in. Here are some of the best outdoor bars that boast lofty views and not a jerk in sight.

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Non-douchey rooftop bars


Northern Territory

Aussie-born co-owner Jamie Toll couldn't take all those kangaroo attacks (we kid) so he brought a little bit of Down Under to Brooklyn. There's Australian cuisine (meat pies, lamb lollies), plus authentic Oz-bred beers at this pub created by the same folks that brought you Berry Park.

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Roof at Park South

A cocktail bar without a cocky 'tude. Along with the first-rate quaffs, this rooftop number from Tim and Nancy Cushman (the husband-and-wife team behind Boston critical darling O Ya) offers sublime views—you can see the lower Manhattan skyline from here.

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Empire Hotel Rooftop

You can pretend you're a successful business tycoon as you stare from the newly-renovated top of the Empire Hotel at all the little people below before marveling at the amazing sunset. Then you can buy me a drink because you can afford it.

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Upper West Side

The Heights Bar & Grill

Expect over-stuffed burritos and frozen margaritas at this friendly uptown bar. If you're not at least happily tipsy when you leave here, you're not doing it right.

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Morningside Heights

The Rock Shop

This is the least ostentatious rooftop bar in all of Brooklyn, in that there's a small patio, an even smaller bar and...that's about it. But the lack of amenities means that there'll be room for you to get in the entire skyline, unobstructed, without fear of paying $15 for a mixed drink.

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Park Slope

Pod 39 Rooftop

Don't let the bro-heavy nabe fool you—with terra cotta columns, Mexican-tiled tables and top-notch tacos from Salvation Taco, this is a festive, easygoing space to throw back some tequila.

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Murray Hill

Tavern 29

Perched at the top floor of this tri-level midtown bar is a laidback rooftop beer garden, rigged with communal picnic tables, 30-plus craft brews and a giant TV for sports-watching.

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Night of Joy

Oh, joy! Here's a bar that straddles the line between divey and Victorian so well, you'll think you're relaxing in a modern-day version of an Oscar Wilde novel.

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A Modo Mio

This place does chill the Italian way—food and drinks for days. Plus, there's pizza. On a rooftop. Heaven.

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Alexandra R

Can't be douchy, a**hole free. You've been there.

Catie A

Nice read. Worth metnioning the fullglass app which gets you free drinks in many bars