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17 small splurges that make any New Yorker feel like a goddamn queen

Written by
Cleo Bergman

New York is a hotbed of exhausted, overly stressed people who can feel like a beaten-down rag doll on the best of days. However, even the most jaded New Yorkers can feel like royalty when they treat themselves to a little something special. Here are some small splurges New Yorkers can try out to hone their inner princess.

1. Order extra guacamole with your burrito even though you KNOW it costs extra.

2. Buy an unlimited MetroCard for the week and feel like Aladdin traveling the world on a magic carpet. Sort of.

3. Get a free exfoliating treatment for your hands at Sabon—then actually buy something! No one’s ever complained about smelling nice or having incredibly soft skin.

4. Invest in a night mask and some lavender oils to pamper yourself as you drift off into a royal slumber.

5. Order a Trenta at Starbucks for once.

6. Go to a luxury movie theater—it’s much fancier than your local AMC.

7. Have your cake and eat it too: Order dessert after dinner and don’t even think about sharing!

8. Order another drink past happy hour, because you deserve to be happy outside of happy hour.

9. Forgo the subway and take an Uber or a taxi. Your carriage awaits!

10. Buy something you want (and certainly don’t need) right next to the register as you’re checking out.

11. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers for yourself.

12. Use your lunch break at work to sneak to a nail salon for a manicure.

13. Wear your fanciest pair of underwear—it’s the next best thing to wearing a crown.

14. Buy fancy stationery and write the most regal thank-you notes anyone has ever seen.

15. Pick up a good bottle of wine that’s just for you and you alone.

16. Order delivery from a place two blocks away.


17. Give back to your kingdom and donate to a charitable organization.

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