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Threes Brewing wandering bine saison beer
Paul WagtouiczWandering Bine saison at Threes Brewing

Threes Brewing hosts Delaney Barbecue, The Meat Hook, Roberta’s and Mile End Deli

By Rheanna O'Neil Bellomo

Last week Gowanus got a massive brewery-bar from Sycamore cofounder Justin Israelson, tech entrepreneur Joshua Stylman and lawyer Andrew Unterberg. Threes Brewing, a 5,000-square-foot facility, includes a coffee shop serving Ninth Street Espresso and an event space in addition to the craft-suds operation and rustic wood bar, but the final food menu won’t be solidified until after the New Year. In the meantime, the hops-head trio has brought in some of their favorite Brooklyn bites, including Delaney Barbecue, The Meat Hook and Roberta’s.

The residencies will result in a rotating series of menus, including brisket tacos from Delaney Barbecue (now through Dec 28), crispy char siu pork ribs via The Meat Hook (Dec 29–Jan 12) and chili-honey pies courtesy of Roberta’s (Jan 13–25). Check out full menus below: 

Delaney Barbecue
Deviled eggs with house-made pickles, chives, Aleppo chili and bacon, $6
Lamb corn dog with sheep’s milk cheddar, jalapeño and lemon mayo, $10
Grilled cheese with okra, $10
Smoked beef brisket sandwich with onions and house-made pickles, $12
Brisket tacos with lime-mascerated red onion and hot sauce, $6
Fried brussels sprouts tacos with pickled red onion and mornay sauce, $6

The Meat Hook
Wood-roasted garlic bread, $6
Wood-fired chile oysters, $15 for four
Mixed smoked meat plate, $10–$12
Caesar salad, $6
Crispy char siu pork ribs
Open-face beef tartare on rye toast with tuna mayo
Burger au raclette, $13
Mushrooms au raclette on toast, $9
Fried potatoes au raclette, $6
Ham and fried mussels sandwich with curry mayo, $12



Pizza Margherita, $9–$13
Bee Sting: Tomato, chili flakes, chili oil, mozzarella, sopressata, honey, $12–$16
Original: Tomato, oregano, chili flake, cacio, grana, mozzarella, $10–$14
White Guy: Garlic, grana, mozzarella, ricotta, olive oil, $10–$14 

Additional toppings, $1–$4
Garlic, pepperoni, cacao, mushrooms, speck, grana, onion, sopressatta, mozzarella, prosciutto cotto, ricotta

Romaine with candied walnuts, pecorino and mint, $12
Broccoli with kale, pine nuts and cauliflower, $12


UPDATE: Mile End Deli will join the ranks of the beer hall's residency program from January 26 to February 15, offering smoked meat and Reuben sandwiches and, more importantly, poutine. The best time to head over is (obviously) during another iteration of the deli's poutine week, held at the brewery-bar from Feb 2–8. Expect cheesy riffs like those from this summer, such as General Tso's and foie gras. There's also a special Super Bowl dish in the works for game day.

Here's the full menu: 

Lunch and Dinner
Smoked meat sandwich, $15
Smoked meat platter, $28
Corned beef or smoked turkey reuben, $13
Chicken cchnitzel BLT, $14
Smoked meat cheeseburger, $14
Hoyt dog with sauerkraut and relish, $7
Lamb merguez with hummus and harissa slaw, $11
Falafel burger, $12
Smoked turkey nuggets with maple-mustard, $10
Classic poutine, $12
Smoked meat poutine, $16
Basket of fries, $8
Cole slaw, $4
Potato salad, $4
Assorted pickles, $5
Cucumber salad, $5
Kale tabouleh with fresh pita bread, $7
Deli chopped salad, $12
Side salad, $8

Weekend Brunch Additions
Challah french toast, $7–$12
Breakfast sandwich with bacon, $9
Smoked meat hash with two eggs, $13
Black Seed bagel and shmear, $4
The Beauty on a bagel, $13
Whitefish salad on a bagel, $12
Bagel and cream cheese, $4
Side of bacon, $5


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