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The best spinning classes in NYC

Spinning classes at NYC’s best cycling studios are the perfect place for an intense workout on wheels

Revolve Fitness
Photograph: Courtesy Revolve Fitness
By Jordi Lippe-McGraw |

At these spinning classes, NYC’s best cycling studios offer a variety of workouts with your favorite music, hybrid fitness trends and more. If you’re too intimidated to bike New York’s actual city streets, these fitness classes will whip you into shape in no time. They’re so much more exciting than plodding on the treadmill at gyms and health clubs, and whether you want to sweat to a soundtrack of Broadway tunes or try swimming and spinning at the same time, there's a cycling studio perfect for you.

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Best spinning classes in NYC

Photograph: Courtesy SoulCycle

Hamilton Themed Class at SoulCycle

If you can't get Hamilton tickets, you might as well burn off your frustration while you wait for it. Get a killer workout to the incredibly fast tempo and dynamic tunes of the hot Broadway show—bonus points if you spit the rhymes while you spin. The schedule is updated weekly for multiple locations. Various locations ( First time $20, one ride $34, five rides $165, 10 rides $320, 20 rides $600.

Photograph: Courtesy Aqua Studio

Interval Class at AquaStudio

Spinning is awesome. Swimming is awesome. Why not do both at the same time? Switch up your workout by spinning on a bike submerged in a pool, which can burn up to 800 calories in one class and take your cycling to the next level. The interval classes take place every day of the week in the mornings and evenings at the Tribeca studio. 78 Franklin St (212-966-6784, First time $35, one ride $47, one ride off-peak $39.

Cyc Fitness
Photograph: Courtesy Cyc Fitness

Total Request Ride at Cyc Fitness

How amazing would it be to request all the songs during a workout class? Well, this is your chance! You can tweet at or comment on instructor John’s Instagram to get your song played during this once-a-week ride. 4 Astor Pl (212-897-9922, One ride $28, five rides $130, 10 rides $240, 20 rides $430.

Photograph: Courtesy Peloton

Live DJ Class at Peloton

Spin instructors are pretty good at curating some killer mixes, but legit DJs take it to another level. Here, the coaches are joined in the studio by a live DJ who mixes the hottest tracks so you can jam out while spinning. Classes take place in Chelsea on Friday and Saturdays, and it’s a whole lot healthier than hanging out at a nightclub, that’s for sure. 140 W 23rd St (877-754-3175, First time $20, one ride $32, five rides $150, 10 rides $290, 20 rides $540.

Revolve Fitness
Photograph: Courtesy Revolve Fitness

Body Ride at Revolve Fitness

If you want a real full-body challenge, try this class. It’s 45 minutes with upper body segments where you use sandbag weights, and by the end of the killer class, your legs and arms will be burning. The schedule varies weekly, but the class takes place several times a day. 52 E 13th St (646-756-5114, First time $20, one ride $33, five rides $150, 10 rides $200, 20 rides $510.

Crank NYC
Photograph: Courtesy Crank NYC

Crank Power at Crank Cycling Studio

This full-body workout incorporates elements of both road riding and choreography to ensure a killer beat-driven workout. The ride involves interval-based work, jumps and strong climbs that’ll have you conquering the Tour de France before you know it. Classes are every day with sessions in both the morning and evening. Various locations ( First time $20, one ride $28, five rides $120, 10 rides $210, 20 rides $380.

Monster Cycle
Photograph: Courtesy Monster Cycle

Kanye Loves Kanye at The Monster Cycle

This Soho studio is known for both its intense spin sessions and themed classes. Along with one-off classes featuring only Beyoncé music and the regular Boy Band vs. Girl Band ones, there's this Kanye-inspired class that plays only Yeezy hits. (He wouldn't have it any other way.) The class schedule rotates each week. 182 Lafayette St (646-692-4703, First time $15, one ride $33, six rides $180, eight rides $210, 12 rides $300.

Photograph: Courtesy Equinox

Pursuit at Equinox

You don't have to go to specialty spin studios to get a killer training session. The Pursuit at Equinox gyms is the first of its kind, a highly competitive cycling class that uses a gaming system and data visualization to drive competition among players. Each bike has a sensor, and your wattage output determines where you rank in the class. Spinners compete in individual and team challenges throughout the 45-minute session. Various locations ( Monthly membership pricing varied by location.

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