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Photograph: Sandra Mika

A massive gold cube has been placed in Central Park today

The art sculpture is only on view through 4pm!

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

In today's public art news: a 410-pound cube created out of pure 24-carat gold by German artist Niclas Castello will be displayed at the Naumburg Bandshell amphitheater in Central Park today through 4pm. 

The piece, dubbed Castello CUBE, is as visually striking as it sounds, featuring walls that are 63 millimeters thick and razor-sharp edges. "The cube is a symbol of stability and endurance," reads an official press release about the art. "Gold, a rare and heavy metal of high-density with extraordinary chemical and physical properties, has played a crucial role in most advanced civilizations as a sun-like symbol of light, its inability to corrode and continue to retain its bright yellow shine."

The gold cube is visually arresting in and of itself, but set against the white snow that has yet to melt from New York's massive weekend snowstorm and you've got yourself a remarkable piece of art. You should make it a point to head to Central Park today before the sun sets, even if your original schedule didn't account for a bit of a detour.

And if public installations are your thing, we'd like to remind you that the city is currently home to a whole lot of them. 

The Pool is a traveling piece now in Industry City by Brooklyn-based artist Jen Lewin made of over 100 interactive circular pads that are activated by the touch of visitors. Passage is a glowing pedestrian tunnel in midtown Manhattan made of 20 circles of light that emit different sounds as folks walk through it. Last of all, The Giving Tree, a tree-like sculpture in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, lets New Yorkers actually charge their phones.

NYC is replete with astounding works that are out in the open, for everyone to enjoy. 

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