A massive snowstorm is expected to hit New York this weekend

The first major snow storm of the season is reportedly heading our way.

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Snow storm in NYC
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Snow lovers, brace yourselves for a (potentially) remarkable weekend ahead as AccuWeather reports that “millions in the Northeast could soon experience their first widespread significant winter storm of the season and maybe years.”

Specifically, meteorologists are predicting that the storm from the Pacific will touch upon the southern Plains, land in the Gulf of Mexico and reach as far as the mid-Atlantic and New England starting Saturday through Sunday. 

When will it snow in NYC?

AccuWeather experts haven't shared specifics yet but ABC reports that "the storm is expected to blossom across the Southern states to start the weekend" before moving our way closer to Sunday morning.

How much snow is due to fall in NYC?

Believe it or not, the last time that an inch of snow accumulated on the ground in New York City from a single storm was in February of 2022, nearly two years ago, so the severe weather alert has got everyone on edge.

Of course, we won’t know if and how much precipitation will actually hit us until then but experts are warning motorists about potentially deteriorating travel conditions—both for drivers and folks scheduled to fly in and out of the region.

“Property owners may want to brush the dust off their snow shovels and snow blowers and have ice-melting compounds ready,” suggests a report from AccuWeather. ”Highway departments and townships may also want to review their plan of action ahead of the storm.”

Should we get ready for one of the worst snow storms in NYC history? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, though, check out our list of best things to do in NYC in the winter, which includes a ton of snow-safe ideas, while also bookmarking our guide to the best bars with fireplaces—because there’s just something about sipping on a Manhattan in front of a warm fire while the snow falls outside that is oh-so-very New York. 

What year was the biggest snowstorm in NYC?

While many people are suggesting that this weekend's potential snowstorm might become the biggest of its kind in years, we're sitting here wondering what year, exactly, was the most massive blizzard that our town has survived. 

According to PIX11, the all-time snowfall record in New York City was set back on January 22 and 23, 2016 when Central Park was covered in a whopping 27.5 inches of snow—more than two feet!—as per data released by the National Weather Service

In case you're into those sorts of figures, here is our list of the six worst blizzards in NYC history.

Unless expected forecasts of how much snow NYC could get this weekend are extremely off, we're not even coming to close to those figures this weekend but, hey!, here's to hoping!

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