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 Standard East Village
Photograph: Courtesy Standard East Village

A spectacular topiary snake has slithered into the Standard East Village

Here's something you'll definitely want to put on Instagram.

Amber Sutherland-Namako
Written by
Amber Sutherland-Namako

Almost every time we go to a restaurant or a bar in NYC, something jumps out at us as The Instagram Thing.

It could be a particularly beautiful appetizer, a colorful cocktail or a haunted doll in the bathroom. Sometimes it's new, sometimes it's old, sometimes it's intentional and sometimes it isn’t, but The Instagram Thing is always something that even occasional users of the platform would pause to snap. It is the digital equivalent of taking a stroll with a friend, spotting an unusual bird, and saying to your friend, ‘Hey, look at that unusual bird.’ 

The Instagram Thing is also our occasional column spotlighting those apps, drinks, haunted dolls and unusual birds. This edition takes a gander at a natural sculpture that would be neat to post on its own, but you’ll probably want to get in there, too. 

The Garden at the Standard East Village
The Standard East Village

This ten-foot snake topiary is in The Garden at the Standard East Village. It imbues the already verdant outdoor restaurant with a Wonderland quality. It is green, as many snakes are, and it has yellow flora for eyes, which most snakes do not. Lined with lush leaves, the eyes are key, and, combined with what reads as a kind of hybrid head-toss/carefree look over the shoulder, convey a fun, coquettish air. This does not appear to be a venomous snake, is all. 

We’re told the snake’s eyes light up, too, which might give it a more sinister nature at night, but, like all great works of art, that really says more about the viewer than the piece, doesn’t it? 

You can snag a selfie with the snake at The Garden in the Standard East at 25 Cooper Square.  

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