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A sweltering heat wave is coming to NYC this weekend

Written by
Rebecca Fontana

Remember last week, when we lamented the record-high temperatures of 92 degrees on June 18? That was cute. 

This weekend, temps are expected to exceed that, with a high of 91 degrees on Saturday and 98 degrees on Sunday. The stretch between 1 and 4pm on Saturday will be the worst of the day, and by noon on Sunday, the forecast reaches 95 degrees that will feel like 106 degrees (with a zero percent chance of precipitation, naturally). How soon we forget the bomb cyclone, which actually sounds really nice right about now. 

There’s even a heat advisory in effect from the National Weather Service, calling for extreme caution and recommending using air conditioning from noon to 9pm on Saturday. You know how in the Revolutionary Era, early settlers in NYC used to decamp from the former capital during the summer so they wouldn’t die of heat stroke (or cholera or polio) in the unventilated city? This weekend, we would once again highly suggest a weekend getaway

If you are determined to remain in NYC, the parks, beaches and venues that are overenthusiastic with their AC are sure to be popular. We'll forgive you for wearing flip-flops in NYC just this once. And luckily, the thermostat will drop down to the 80s by Monday and stay there for the rest of the week, right in time to watch the 4th of July fireworks outdoors without dissolving into a puddle of sweat. 

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