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Photograph: Will Gleason

It's legit snowing outside right now

What is going on?

Will Gleason

Mother Nature saw those packed city parks last weekend and said, "Not on my watch!"

A few days ago, we wrote (with a healthy dose of skepticism) that it might snow this weekend. We should have known that in a year that brought us murder hornets, meat shortages and, you know, our overall current reality, that the possibly of no strange occurrence should be discounted. And here we are, with the historic May snowstorm nobody asked for. (Do they make face masks in flannel? Asking for a friend.) 

In fact, this is the first time that snow has fallen in Central Park since 1977. Meanwhile, last night's cold temperature of 36 broke the past record set in 1947 of 36. Snow was spotted across the New York region today. The National Weather Service reported that six of its sites (Central Park, Bridgeport, LaGuardia, Kennedy, Islip and Newark Airport all reported snow today. At least we can all feel a little better about staying inside today!

Mindblowingly, Islip, New York has officially had a snowier May than February. Not to put to fine a point on it, but that's insane! You can expect slightly warmer weather for Mother's Day tomorrow with a high of 62.

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