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Lullaby bar's boozy Dole Whip on NYC's Lower East Side
Photograph: Courtesy of Lullaby

Lullaby is a new LES bar that's in a basement but not hidden

Is the 'regular bar' an emerging theme?

Amber Sutherland-Namako
Written by
Amber Sutherland-Namako

Boldly eschewing this season’s hidden, speakeasy-style venue trend, a regular bar will open on the Lower East Side next week. It is called Lullaby. 

To enter, guests must arrive during hours of operation and walk through the door. (It is, to be fair, down a staircase, but they aren’t making it into a whole thing.) Inside, there are seats, but also, places to stand. Methods of payment may be exchanged for food and drinks. It is all very regular.

With Lullaby, we wanted to bring a high caliber experience to anyone who might otherwise feel unwelcome or like they don’t fit in at most modern cocktail bars,” an unattributed quote in a press release about the opening reads. “Some people don’t find the idea of sitting in a dark room and watching a “mixologist” in a fancy apron stroke his mustache and his ego simultaneously appealing,” the quote continues, evoking a trope most people stopped being grieved about like ten years ago. “Everyone deserves a place to have an amazing drink.” 

Lullaby bar on NYC's LES
Photograph: Courtesy of Lullaby

The new bar’s team has bonafides from august NYC institutions like Death & Co. and Pegu Club, and also, the city of Boston. Not surprisingly, the spot does promise to demonstrate that erstwhile style of super-serious cocktailing, if you wish. However, it can also scan as more as a dive. It is truly in the eye of the beholder. 

Lullaby’s opening menu includes a rotating selection of house punch and a roster of cocktails beginning with “The,” à la the mainstream 90s television program, Friends. Here, you’ll find, The Gin Drink, The Whiskey Drink, The Vodka Drink, and so on. There is also a titular tipple, made with rye and Italian liqueurs, and a boozy take on Disney’s Dole Whip for a little taste of the normalest place on earth. Beer, wine and vermouth on tap are also available, and everything is priced at an exceedingly average $15 or less. 

Lullaby is located at 151 Rivington Street, a very standard area for bars. Beginning Thursday, March 10, it will be open Sunday-Wednesday from 5pm-1am and Thursday-Saturday from 5pm-2am, as one might expect a bar would be. 

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