Tornadoes might hit New York today

Here's what you need to know about the latest tornado watch.

Ian Kumamoto
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Ian Kumamoto
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Lightning strike through New York City from Brooklyn bridge perspective.
Photograph: By Ong Thanaong / Courtesy of Shutterstock

In case you forgot that we literally lived through an earthquake in New York City earlier this year, Mother Nature is here to remind us of our mortality again by unleashing yet another apocalyptic event on us all.

Starting this evening and continuing throughout the night, New York and surrounding areas are expected to deal with storms so powerful that they might even lead to the formation of tornados, according to NBC New York

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Starting 2am tonight through 6am in the morning, rain showers will descend upon us. Apparently, thunderstorms will also define our weekend beginning Friday afternoon.

The heightened tornado watch is a result of the extreme hot and humid weather mixing with the cooler air that usually accompanies storms. Experts predict that Western New York and Pennsylvania will likely be hit the hardest.

Needless to say, this isn't a typical phenomenon in the New York area. According to some meteorologists, these sorts of tornadoes show up around here approximately once every four years.

Don't expect the downpour to end this heat, though. The current heatwave—the second one this summer—is expected to continue for about another week. Check our our guides for how to stay cool this summer as well as where you can find cooling centers throughout NYC.

As for tonight, make sure to check on the most up-to-date severe weather alerts in your area as the day progresses. 

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