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The best smoke shops in NYC

At a great smoke shop or tobacco store in NYC, find all the cigarettes, bongs and hookah pipes you could want

By Jaime Lutz and John Marshall

At a smoke shop in NYC, you can find anything you need to satisfy your smoking needs. These are the best tobacco stores and vape shops in the city, so head here the next time you want to light up (or find an alternative to cigs). Whether you want to look classy AF at a cigar bar or you’re already shopping for a new bong for 4/20 events, you should know the choice smoke shops in New York.

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Best smoke shops in NYC

Blue Nile
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Hakan A.

1. Blue Nile

Shopping West Village

A Village fixture since 2000, this store is small, but its modestly sized walls are densely populated with shelves of smoke-hosting glassware. However you’d prefer to nurture that perfect hit, it can hook it up—even if your preference is a double-blown magenta bubbler shaped like an aquatic animal.

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2. Cigar Inn

Shopping Lifestyle Midtown East

This Upper East Side lounge and shop is truly cigar-only. You can buy from a wide selection of high quality cigars and take your products to-go, but it’s more fun to stay in their lounge, sipping wine (it’s BYOB), smoking a cigar and pretending you’re back in the old-school New York City that let you do this everywhere.

Shisha International
Photograph: Shutterstock

3. Shisha International

Shopping Lifestyle West Village

Boasting a great selection of hookahs and gorgeous glass pipes, Shisha International is a Greenwich Village classic, that, apart from its hookahs, leans toward the “head shop” side of the smoke shop spectrum. Come prepared to haggle on the prices and walk out with something fun (or many fun things—it has a ton of smoking accessories).

4. Brooklyn Smoke Shop

Shopping Lifestyle Park Slope

Hookahs are not an afterthought here: The collection is well-stocked, well-made and well-curated. The shop is a favorite of hookah smokers all across the city who prize its huge variety of options, but it also carries products for any smoker, including oil rigs, cigars, hand-blown glass pipes and vaporizers.

Master Piece Smoke Shop
Photograph: Shutterstock

5. Master Piece Smoke Shop

Shopping Lifestyle Greenpoint

Right off the Greenpoint stop on the G train, this spot feels more stylish and Brooklyn-y than most smoke shops with its vaguely 1920s aesthetic and sleek, high-quality range of products. Their cigar section is small but well-curated, and there’s a good selection for tobacco-free products, like e-cigs and vapes, too.

The Smoking Shop
Photograph: Shutterstock

6. The Smoking Shop

Shopping Lifestyle West Village

This West Village smoke shop has products at every price for every type of smoker—there are glass pipes and rolling papers and hookahs and flavored tobacco and grinders and vaporizers (and more). Also, the people who work here are knowledgable and helpful about the vast inventory without being pushy, a rarity in smoke shops.


7. Craft Beer & Smoke Shop

Shopping Lifestyle Williamsburg

If you’ve held and smelled a nugget of weed and a puck of hops, then you know the aroma and appearance of both are strikingly similar. In fact, in 2002, botanists placed hops and cannabis the same taxonomic family, Cannabinaceae. And, if you like to sip top-notch suds while you blaze heady trees, then supply your high times with one stop at this store in Brooklyn.

Photograph: Courtesy Jon Santa Cruz

8. Cigarillos

Shopping Lifestyle West Village

Sometimes you want a cigar for a fancy, celebratory occasion—and sometimes you just want to look like a badass. This clean, large shop has a range of cigars at different prices in its humidor room, and shopping there is as addictive as nicotine—you might come in for a single Nat Sherman and walk out with an additional three cigars, a pipe and flavored rolling papers to boot.

Life Made a Little Easier
Photograph: Shutterstock

9. Life Made a Little Easier

Shopping Lifestyle Staten Island

This fantastically named smoke shop claims to be the only one of its kind in Staten Island, and it is genuinely is as good as any you’d find in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Expect a large selection of vaporizers and juices, glass pipes, rolling papers, mods, grinders—pretty much anything you’d look for. They even have special deals for frequent customers.

Ultimate Vapor Source
Photograph: Courtesy Ultimate Vapor Source

10. Ultimate Vapor Source

Shopping Lifestyle Chelsea

As you can imagine from the name, this shop specializes in vaporizers and all their attendant accessories (like e-juices and atomizers). But the owners are knowledgable about all their products, including glass pipes and water pipes, and if they don’t currently offer a product, they’ll even order it for you.


11. Sunflower Glass Company

Shopping Lifestyle Bushwick

Head shops are not known for their charm. In general, they appear as seedy as Daytona tattoo shops and are staffed by fantastically slow-talking airheads with eyes red enough to present danger near bulls. But as modern society slowly reckons with its own penchant for pot, the digs are improving along with the attitudes—and this relatively swank location in Williamsburg proves that point.

12. Smoke Scene ’n Vape

Shopping Lifestyle Hell's Kitchen

This place has been family-owned for the past 30 years. Because, when a stoner cops a vaporizer, “How wholesome is this location?” is consideration No. 1. “Is this a well-established and community-oriented business?” is a close second, and this spot passes that test too. Now that you know the answer to both, onto: “Should I get regular Skittles or Tropical?”

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