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Photograph: Courtesy Neuehouse

The best co-working spaces in NYC

These unique and innovative co-working spaces in NYC let you work outside the box and escape a traditional office

By Arielle Shorr

Co-working spaces in NYC are genius whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur or just an industrious New Yorker who likes to get shit done. Sure, it seems romantic to work at local coffee shops, but there’s only so much unreliable Wi-Fi, noisy side conversations and packing and unpacking your things every time you go to the bathroom you can take until you start actually missing an office. At these places, you can work and network with temp agencies, and often you can attend some very cool events—some options even offer a yoga break so you can refocus and reenergize in a fitness class. Customized for different needs and interests, these NYC co-working spaces let you do your best, most inspired work.

Best co-working spaces in NYC

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Lucas S.

1. The Farm

Things to do Cultural centers Soho

The Farm takes inspiration for its warm, rustic interiors from, you guessed it, actual farms! Long tables are made of salvaged wood illuminated by bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling. A projection screen can be lowered to display a PowerPoint at the front of a small presentation area with wooden bleachers. The atmosphere is designed to make you feel like you’ve left the city for the countryside in search of some fresh ideas, and the space is repurposed for events after working hours. $100–$400 a month, $25 a day.<

2. The Productive

Things to do Event spaces Midtown West

Founded by an SVA animation graduate, The Productive is a co-working space that caters to the specific needs of creative professionals and entrepreneurs. The one and only Midtown location is open 24-7 for members, who have access to desk spaces, conference room time, a kitchenette and even weekly figure-drawing art classes. More important, The Productive is a dream come true for digital creatives. Computer workstations have dual monitors and tablets and programs such as Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and more. You can get a full-time or nights-and-weekends membership, a new option to work there for free in exchange for volunteering and day rates for only $30. $200–$610 a month, $30 a day.

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Danny O.

3. Primary

Things to do Event spaces Financial District

As more and more people are coming around to the idea that healthy people make better workers, Primary is ahead of the game in creating a co-working space where wellness takes a prominent role. Primary does more than just offer juice bars and granola bars: It has classes for yoga, mediation, boot camp and cardio workouts. Featured events can be anything from your basic networking luncheon to a class on perfume making. It also has a Stumptown Coffee Roasters on site, and, oh, its 70 offices and 100-plus co-working spaces are open 24-7! Which makes sense, because why would anyone want to leave? Prices upon request.

Photograph: Courtesy Neuehouse

4. NeueHouse

Things to do Literary events Flatiron

The design of the five-floor Neuehouse New York branch is stunning and feels more like a chic hotel than an office space. In exchange for its gourmet food options, a private library, a screening room, a recording studio and its all-around air of sophistication, members pay some of the highest fees for co-working space in the city. Naturally, this attracts a particular clientele: polished, affluent and working in artistic-leaning industries like fashion, film or media. $200–$1,250 a month.

Photograph: Courtesy Bat Haus

5. Bat Haus

Things to do Schools and universities Bushwick

Besides getting to feel like Batman by loudly announcing, “I’m off to the Bat Haus!” Bat Haus offers a number of other enticing perks. The Bushwick co-working space heavily emphasizes a community vibe by having no single offices. The building’s high-ceilinged 2,000 square feet are entirely open and filled with long tables beneath string lights, and it easily converts into an event space after 7pm. There’s a backyard where you can stretch your legs in the summer, as well as a kitchen and a lounge. You also get two hours of daily access to conference rooms and daytime bike storage, and given the shared open space, it’s more welcoming of dogs than of people taking phone calls. $25–$225 a month, $25 a day.

Photograph: Courtesy WeWork

6. WeWork West Broadway

Things to do Event spaces Soho

WeWork can often feel like the Starbucks of co-working—it’s the name that pops up most frequently. It’s landed on a solid formula: lots of locations all around the city, all of which have free fruit-infused water, glass offices, phone booths and fun networking events. The number of WeWork spots means you can connect with a large number of members through its online community. Plus, if you make a reservation, you can work at any of the locations that have hot desks. The West Broadway building also has a uniquely designed, naturally lit lounge area with a forest wallpaper that makes it feel like you’re working in a tree house. It’s a breath of fresh air in this urban jungle. $750 a month.

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Jennifer J.

7. New Love City

Things to do Event spaces Greenpoint

Given the current drive to bring wellness into the workplace, New Love City, a Greenpoint-based co-working space meets yoga studio, feels like an inevitable outcome. For access to its brightly lit, minimalist designed working spaces and unlimited yoga classes, you can pay $40 a day, $100 a week or $300 a month. And the fact that frequent stretching throughout your workday will bring long-term benefits to your posture and bones makes this concept all the more genius. $30 a month, $100 a week, $40 a day.

QNS Collective
Photograph: Courtesy QNS Collective

8. QNS Collective

Things to do Event spaces Long Island City

Why should Brooklyn and Manhattan get all the co-working fun? QNS Collective offers a spacious, cleanly designed co-working space that’s super affordable and right next to the M and R train. Besides fast Wi-Fi and bottomless high-quality coffee, what members love most about QNS is its attentive and accommodating owner, Argentina Flores, and the shared passion for meeting and collaborating with the interesting people around you. Take a desk for a test drive with a complementary workday. $195–$550 a month.

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