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Ling Treehouse: Soul's Retreat airbnb
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

The 12 best treehouse Airbnbs near NYC for a an uber-relaxing weekend Upstate

Live out your childhood dreams of living among the leaves with a stay in one of these magical treehouses

Written by
Will Gleason
Shaye Weaver
Rosemary Waugh
Alex Floyd-Douglass
Camila Karalyte

The sound of swaying trees, the chirps of birds in the morning, and the sun peeking through the tree branches into your window. Doesn't that sound like heaven? Luckily, it's an experience you can totally live, by reliving your youth in a treehouse Airbnb. From low-fi elevated cabins to more luxurious options with hot tubs and extensive vinyl selections to play at your leisure, there's a treehouse for everyone.

These treehouse Airbnbs help you recharge and rewind, whether you're looking for a complete off-grid, digital-detox trip or something between urban and rural living. De-stress and banish all your woes. Even though these Airbnbs are a step up from camping near NYC, be sure to pack your hiking boots and essentials because some of these are quite off-the-grid. Hotels, frankly, could never. 

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Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in every Airbnb featured, we've based our list on top reviews, hosts and amenities to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

NYC treehouse Airbnbs

The off-grid treehouse in Newton
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

1. The off-grid treehouse in Newton

Set in the forest slopes around Swartswood State Park this cosy treehouse is the ultimate retreat for anyone who wants to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by 20 acres of private land, there’s plenty of peace and quiet as well as opportunity for exploring and getting immersed in nature, whether its biking, hiking, sleigh riding or fishing in the nearby stream. There’s no WiFi here, so it’s time to ditch your phone, sit out on the wrap-around balcony and take in the views, sit by the firepit or snuggle in front of the fireplace.  

Rooms? Three bedrooms. Sleep five guests. 
The mood? A tech-free hideaway in a peaceful woodland paradise. 
Location perks? Surrounded by greenery and close to Swartswood State Park for horseback riding, lakes and hiking trails.
Budget range? A perfect and affordable lowkey getaway for families. 

The designer treehouse in Adirondack
Courtesy: Airbnb

2. The designer treehouse in Adirondack

Take a stroll along the cable bridge to this ultra-luxury treehouse in Adirondack, New York. After winning the Best Airbnb in New York State award in 2021, it's no wonder it's had over 350 stellar reviews. From the cozy minimalist interiors to the fully equipped kitchen and bathrooms, this unique treehouse has all you need for a super rustic yet lavish stay in the woods (who would have thought?!). Designed by Chris Broomfield and featured in many architectural magazines to date, this property is right up there on the bragging list. Just book it – we promise you won't regret it.

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four guests. 
The mood? Rustic and romantic adventure in the woods. 
Location perks? Surrounded by forestry and a picturesque waterfall. 
Budget range? A luxury retreat for families or groups. 
Time Out tip: Take a stroll through the forest at golden hour – it's magical. 

The hideaway in Boonville
Courtesy: Airbnb

3. The hideaway in Boonville

This five-sided glass treehouse Airbnb near New York City is rustic and adult-only (sorry kiddos). Sat on top of a hill, it overlooks the Black River and provides amazing views from wherever you stand. The perfect place to rewind from digital life and get acquainted with Mother Nature. The clear roof allows for star gazing and makes you feel like you're sitting in the tree tops; imagine the vibes when the rain pitter patters on the roof while you're cuddled up with a good book. Blisssss. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests. 
The mood? A dreamy hiker's paradise nestled in the trees. 
Location perks? Nearby attractions include the Canal Museum, and the Boonville Villiage Park.
Budget range? An affordable romantic escape for two.

The octagonal treehouse in Otis

4. The octagonal treehouse in Otis

D'ya like buildings? Well, how's this for a uniquely-shaped Massachusetts rental? Yup, the octagonal treehouse boasts a wood-burning fireplace, floor-to-ceiling windows and an impressive 7 acres of private property, but it's also just beautiful inside and out – like you! The property accommodates up to four people in two separate bedrooms. You can cozy up around the wood-burning fireplace, while gazing out of the floor to ceiling windows onto the 7 private surrounding acres, or sit around the firepit and gaze at the stars. Beautiful times to be had. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps four guests.
The mood? A cozy woodland wonderland.
Location perks? Take advantage of the nearby hiking trails and skiing ranges, and only a short car ride to New England.  
Budget range? A moderately-priced adventure for two. 

The whispering wind treehouse in Argyle, NY
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

5. The whispering wind treehouse in Argyle, NY

First up on the list is an off-grid treetops haven. This adorable wooden treehouse is located just outside Glenn Falls and is perfect for travelers looking to feel connected to nature, given you're reading this list specifically about treehouse rentals near NYC, we imagine you are. Speaking of browsing, if you’re regularly found browsing the aisles of your favorite health food store (or indeed, simply are the kind of person who has a favorite health food store) then you’ll be on the same wavelength as the super host of this property. The big hit with this eco-friendly home is the sleeping loft with its totally clear roof. Cozy up in bed each night and marvel at the stars above. Or, take a stroll around the five-acre woodland before cooking up a storm in the outside kitchen or taking a refreshing outdoor shower. This is off-grid with a pinch (or three) of luxury and - if you really insist - the host will happily charge a phone for you if needed.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests. 
The mood? A rustic, idyllic paradise for two tucked in the woods. 
Location perks? A truly unique, remote treehouse experience. 
Budget range? Reconnect with nature with this affordable weekend getaway. 

The luxurious two-story treehouse in Newbury
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

6. The luxurious two-story treehouse in Newbury

It's clear that this incredible treehouse was decorated and crafted with the utmost care and passion. The two-bedroom, one-bathroom tree house (more of a tree mansion really) has a wrap-around deck, a lower deck with a grill, and a "Hobbit door," as well as an interior that uses reclaimed wood from an 1800s barn for its floors and walls, and a full kitchen. Outside there's a  fire pit which is perfect for cozy nights out in the open. But there are some modern comforts to enjoy too. Namely, the heated floor, a microwave (popcorn, anyone?), and a freezer. The beautiful property also happens to be right in between Lake Sunapee and Mount Sunapee, so if you feel like you can venture out of the beautiful abode, you will be spoiled for views. You'll forget you're pretty close to NYC easily, and it has been built to be lived in all year 'round.

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four guests.
The mood? An exquisitely modern treehouse. 
Location perks? We're told this spot is one-of-a-kind – only moments from Lake Sunapee. 
Budget range? A budget-friendly bucket list stay ideal for a  couple's retreat. 

The Sugar Maple treehouse in Hancock
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

7. The Sugar Maple treehouse in Hancock

The Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont is a favorite of hikers, animal lovers and anyone wishing to spend their days slumbering around amongst the towering trees and wonderful waterfalls. Nestled deep in the forest is 'Sugar Maple Treehouse', which was lovingly hand-built high above the ground in three maple trees. Yup, it's as much of a fairytale as that suggests.  The treehouse is fully insulated and has electric heaters, so you can be sure of staying cozy. And while the space is designed for switching off, there is "the internet" and even a smart TV. Which, you know, is pretty cool. One thing to keep in mind with this spot is that there are a fair few steps to the treehouse and with it being in a forest, it can get a little muddy and snowy, so pack decent footwear. When you're done stomping about though, why not consider the in-house massage therapist? Oh life could be worse, couldn't it... 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests. 
The mood? An ambient cozy hillside treehouse for the perfect pause. 
Location perks? In the heart of the Green Mountain National Forest.
Budget range? Reconnect with nature at this unique luxury stay for two. 
Time Out tip: Head to the Warren Falls swimming hole for a refreshing dip. 

The treehouse cabin in Willow
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

8. The treehouse cabin in Willow

The word ‘treehouse’ doesn’t have to equate to ‘rustic’. This sleek and stylish treehouse - designed by a revered architect - gives you the feeling of living like the birds, while still retaining some urban-approved indulgence. We heart the firewood-heated hot tub and the sleeping loft with conveniently-placed skylight for stargazing. While this minimalistic home-from-home would be lovely for a romantic couple's break, it’s also a great spot for some totally secluded ‘me time’ - or the perfect writer’s retreat for one. Settle down to pen your novel in the mornings, then wash away the hard work with a swim in the pond. And hey, if this modernist-looking slice of peace gets a little stale for you, you're 15 minutes from Woodstock, where there are plenty of things to do. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests. 
The mood? Ultra-modern treehouse perched on the edge of a pond.
Location perks? Secluded by 34 acres of lush green woodland. 
Budget range? This novel experience for two sits on the luxury end.  

The Water Forest Retreat in Norwich
Photograph: Courtesy Airbnb

9. The Water Forest Retreat in Norwich

The Water Forest Retreat is a small treehouse with stained glass windows, nestled in an oak tree that's part of a 100-acre forest, so you'll feel like you're properly away from all the smoke and noise and concrete of wherever you're from, even if it's a small town. Commune with the birds on the deck or go hiking to a waterfall. The house itself is heated and has electricity but no running water, so it's a bit of a roughing-it situation. There's a queen-sized bed that's surrounded by white birch logs decorated with branches and fairy lights and an electric fireplace for cold nights. There's no kitchen but there are camping essentials such as a propane camp stove, dinnerware, cutlery, cutting board, sugar and sugar substitutes, spices, oil, tin foil, creamers, pots, pans, lighters, scissors, a wine bottle and can opener, and more. The woods it sits in has well-maintained, wood-lined hiking trails with some that follow Goldmine brook to a waterfall that once hosted a grist mill back in the 1700s. There are resident barred owls, a red fox, eastern coyotes and white-tailed deer you may see while hiking the trails.

Gardner Lake State Park in Salem is only 15 minutes away and Bluff Point is about 24 minutes away, so there's plenty to go explore should you decide to. 

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps two guests. 
The mood? Quaint little treasure in the woods. 
Location perks? Want to go for a swim, or maybe you're into canoeing or Kayaking? Then this is the best place to be. 
Budget range? A budget-friendly couple's stay. 

The Adirondack treehouse retreat in Middle Grove

10. The Adirondack treehouse retreat in Middle Grove

Yes, you spotted that correctly: it is a winding staircase wrapping itself around a tree. Really pretty. This fairytale-esque space is perfect for reconnecting with nature; more specifically, the Adirondack Mountains, of which it is nestled in the foothills. The treehouse features an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, bath, and a comfy double bed, plus a loft. In the warmer months, why not go visit one of the many nearby lakes for a swim? Alternatively, explore the many hiking trails and discover Saratoga Springs a mere nine miles away. As far as seclusion within relatively close proximity to the big apple goes, this is truly unmatched.

Rooms? One bedroom. Sleeps three guests. 
The mood? A quirky mini treehouse wonderland. 
Location perks? A unique alternative to glamping near Saratoga Springs and Lake George.   
Budget range? A cheap and cherry romantic weekend for two.  

The Hermit Thrush treehouse in West Pawlet

11. The Hermit Thrush treehouse in West Pawlet

Looks small in the photo, but it actually comprises of two treehouses and can sleep as many as eleven people. That's right! Elevate your weekend at this unique treehouse in southern Vermont. Guests have access to a fire pit, cooking area, hammocks, and an outside shower in case you don’t necessarily want to smell like a hermit while living like one. Be one with the elements in this treehouse Airbnb. Tarzan would approve. 

Rooms? Four bedrooms. Sleeps 11 guests. 
The mood? Rustic, enchanting and homey interiors, nestled in the woods of Vermont. 
Location perks? Remote and secluded, while still offering you the luxury of nearby stores and restaurants.
Budget range? Right on budget for group weekend trips. 

The Treehouse Lovenest in Carmel

12. The Treehouse Lovenest in Carmel

This self-described lovenest is only 1 hour 20 mins from Brooklyn and yet it feels like you’re in a whole other world. Designed as a couple’s retreat, this serene and peaceful country lodge (it's not not a treehouse, we promise) is surrounded by wildlife-filled woods (keep an eye open for deer frolicking near the house). There's also a well-equipped kitchen, with all the amenities you could possibly need. And when evening time comes around, cook the perfect homely dinner among other activities. 

Rooms? Two bedrooms. Sleeps four guests. 
The mood? Modern wonder in the woods. 
Location perks? Enjoy breathing in the fresh air of almost three acres of virgin woodland. 
Budget range? A luxury couple's retreat for two lovebirds. 
Time Out tip: Take a look through the extensive vinyl collection and jam out with the birds.

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