Ace Valentine's Day in Seoul this year (without agonizing over planning)!

No sweat to come up with a plan — save that for later, and let Time Out Seoul do the work for you.
발렌타인 데이 문화공간 메인
By Time Out Seoul editors |

From alternative date ideas to divinely romantic spots and sweet free-flowing deals — all you need to do is make a reservation, get out there and put a big smile on your favorite face in the world. Just remember: nothing's too much on this day of celebrating love. Single, and planning to turn your back on humanity for 24 hours? Nah, in fact, there are fun things for everyone.


10 sweet spots to take your date on Valentine's Day in Seoul

The restaurant choice is definitely one of the determining factors for a nice Valentine’s night. You know the drill: make sure you choose a good one and hurry to make a reservation (and no, going unconventional by taking your date to a local Kimbab Cheonguk doesn't necessarily make you cool).


A date at a museum — have you done it yet?

Taking a nice stroll through artworks and exchanging quips over coffee at a nice museum café — an art show adds an interesting dimension to any romantic interaction, whether for a first date or a night out with someone you have been with for a while.

Doane Gregory

7 films to watch on Valentine's Day

Movie date on Valentine's Day? Old-fashioned, granted, but classic. After all, a good film is a hundred times better than a mediocre love confession (girls, do I see your hands in the air?). So unless you can whisper like Humphrey Bogart, let the movie speak for you. Here's a list to choose from.

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