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Jurong Lake Gardens
Photograph: NParks

The best public parks for kids in Singapore

Why drop cash on jungle gyms when there’s a whole bunch of public parks to explore for free

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Time Out Singapore editors

Word is out that kids these days are spending too much time indoors. Between the pandemic and digital devices, children just don't spend as much time being active in the great outdoors anymore. To keep your kids fit, curious, and engaged with the real world, why not take them out to one of Singapore's public parks? From picnics in a UNESCO World Heritage Site where they can run and tumble on spacious lawns to kayaking and exploring mangrove swamps along the Pasir Ris coastline, there are scores that the parks in Singapore can offer for kids and the whole family. 

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For the ultimate park life experience
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  • Marina Bay

Gardens by The Bay

Spanning 101 hectares, Gardens by the Bay definitely does not lack in play and leisure spaces for the kids and the whole family. There's plenty of open spaces and green lawns to set up your picnic mat, an amazing water play area for kids, flora and fauna to take in, the convenience of clean toilets, shops and eateries for snacks and beautiful trails and views within the park to see. What can we say? Gardens By The Bay is the ultimate park in Singapore. 

For some WWII history
Photograph: Flickr

For some WWII history

Labrador Nature Reserve

Part of the 10-kilometre Southern Ridges Walk, Labrador Nature Reserve is the perfect retreat by the coast that provides sun, sea and WWII history in equal measure. Take the kids up the hill to marvel at guns, battlements and tunnels left behind by the British, before going for a breezy walk along a new nature and coastal walk. If you're lucky to catch low tide conditions, you and your family can spend some time on the Bukit Chermin boardwalk spotting crustaceans, seagrasses and other marine life. 

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  • Lim Chu Kang

Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve

A great day out for both kids and adults, strap on your best walking shoes and trudge through the swamps of Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve. Follow well-marked trails with defined footpaths (in case you're worried about the kids getting lost) and learn more about the flora and fauna that call this mangrove forest home. There is also a Junior Wetlands area if trekking the entire park is too overwhelming.

Weekly, volunteer-led tours – they regularly change – introduce the plants, birds, insects and other indigenous species found in this ASEAN Heritage Park (Singapore has two, the other being Bukit Timah Nature Reserve). Take a spot at observation hides or rent binoculars to bird-watch. You might be lucky to spot some monkeys, snakes and crocs swimming in the river. 

For pint-sized hikers
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  • Bukit Panjang

Hindhede Nature Park

If you're looking for a leisurely hike with the family, head to Hindhede Nature Park located next to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve which has easy trails and well-defined footpaths perfect for families, children and hiking beginners. Scenic and serene, it is also an excellent spot for wildlife watching as it is home to inhabitants like the banded woodpecker, clouded monitor lizard and plantain squirrel so it pays to keep your eyes open when taking a walk. The main highlight is the picturesque Hindhede Quarry which is located at the end of the park. 

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  • Jurong East

Lakeside Gardens

Lakeside Garden is specially landscaped and designed for families and the community to come together to play, learn and bond. The waterside park features many play areas for children – adults, feel free to join. Clusia Cove is a water playground where children can experience water movements that mimic tidal patterns, surface ripples and directional currents similar to those at actual coastal shores. Drawing inspiration from animals that live in the wild, the Forest Ramble playground offers many interesting play stations that let you see and feel what it is like to be an otter, crab, hero, frog and other creatures.  

Clusia Clove is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 restrictions

For a picnic day
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  • Tanglin

Singapore Botanical Gardens

This family-friendly spot was established in 1852 and are a tranquil respite from the city buzz. Pack a picnic with the fam and sit on the lawns by the magnificent swan lake where kids can run free and then feed the black Australian swans.

During weekends, tours to its rainforest patch are available, while outdoor concerts are often held at Symphony Lake. And with the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, where children can run wild and explore the farm, orchard, and forest which has its own stream and ponds, this nature spot is family-friendly.

For water sports
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  • Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris Park

Which other park allows families to carve through water on a kayak and then explore a 6-hectare mangrove forest? And that’s not even mentioning the playground here, one of the largest in town. 

The PA Water-Venture branch (125 Elias Rd) takes full advantage of the park’s location overlooking the sea. You can pick up kayaking and laser sailing (you gotta be above 12) or, for those 13 and up, abseiling and sport climbing. 

Also venture to the western tip of the park and embark on the Mangrove Boardwalk. The trail leads to the Bird-watching Tower – remember to pack a pair of binoculars and keep an eye out for monitor lizards. Oh, and Pasir Ris Park also allows camping. All you have to do is to apply for a permit at an AXS station on the day itself.

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Punggol Park

Clocking in at 5 hectares, Punggol Park’s pond is ideal for waterside jog with the family. But if you guys have brought food, Punggol Park has a few designated picnic spots, too.

If the little ones have too much energy to expend, take them to the various play areas around the park or head to the bicycle kiosk, which can be found at the north-western tip of the park. The route around the central pond may not be long and winding, but that makes it perfect for kids who are only starting to learn how to skate or ride.

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  • Kent Ridge


It may be the smallest on our list, but HortPark’s has many garden sections that will be a great learning experience for kids. Take them on a quick trip to the Balinese gardens, get them fascinated with the light-reflective plants at the Silver Garden or you can even make them work at the gardening resource centre. The centre is a treasure trove for those with green thumbs: it regularly organises activities, some specially for kids, held across its 21 gardens.

For the good ol' days
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  • Changi 

Changi Beach Park

The beach, one of the oldest in Singapore, is located so far away from the city centre that it has remained relatively undeveloped. And that’s a good thing.

Unlike East Coast Park, Changi Beach Park has a distinct kampong vibe. You’ll feel it the moment you sink your toes into the white sand. In fact, we daresay that this park is your best bet if you want to escape the weekend throngs. Rent bicycles for the family and hit the nearby Park Connectors, or book one of the 20 barbecue pits across the entire park – and since most people flock to its cousin on East Coast, it’s relatively easier to score one here.

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