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Those Moonlit Moments
Photograph: National Heritage Board

The best kid-friendly art exhibitions in Singapore

Introduce your children to the world of art at these interactive exhibitions

Dewi Nurjuwita
Written by
Dewi Nurjuwita
Aiko Tun

They say creativity and imagination are developed at a young age, which probably explains why children scribble on walls with crayons and talk to their stuffed toys. If your child has an artistic streak, help cultivate this with numerous kid-friendly interactive exhibits, spectacular artworks and cool experiments in museums across Singapore. Colourful and light-hearted, they'll spark joy (and creativity) for the whole family.

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Keppel Centre for Art Education
  • Kids
  • City Hall

After showing the kids around the other exhibits at the National Gallery Singapore, let them continue exploring their creativity at the Keppel Centre for Art Education. The concept here is simple: to stimulate children’s curiosity and imagination through – what else – art.

The centre is divided into several zones, including a museum and workshop. But the highlight is the newly-refreshed Art Playscape and Ink Studio: in it, My INK-credible Adventure by Yeo Shih Yun, with playful kinetic zones where children can learn about gestures, movement and spontaneity through play. 

Besides the permanent installations, the Keppel Centre for Art Education regularly hosts programmes, from storytelling sessions to craft workshops to kid-friendly discussions on art. Check out National Gallery Singapore's website for more info.

  • Art
  • City Hall

From the same people behind Future World, this art installation brings to life sixty-nine works from the William Farquhar Collection of National History Drawings within the museum’s Glass Rotunda. Look forward to roving animals, digital flora and seasonal weather in an expansive forest created by Japanese digital art collective teamLab, which seamlessly unfolds into a a virtual and visual landscape, immersing visitors in the story of Singapore's journey from its colonial past to its present-day modernity.

  • Kids
  • Festivals
  • Raffles Place

Unlock your child's creativity with the third edition of Gallery Children's Biennale. Instead of the usual labyrinth of interactive artworks at National Gallery Singapore, the bi-yearly multi-sensorial art experience returns this November. 

The inaugural "phygital" edition kicks off with an online experience via a kaleidoscopic microsite, followed by on-site art installations at National Gallery Singapore from November 6. And that's not the only first. With the microsite, the Biennale also goes global for the very first time too, making its exciting arty programmes available to children all around the world.

Guided on the inquiry "Why Art Matters", the Biennale highlights the importance of home, diversity, time and the environment through art and imaginative play. The curious kiddos can look forward to interactive online adventures, immersive storytelling sessions, and digital artmaking with local and international artists as well as fellow children from other countries.

When it comes to the artworks, the Biennale is not short of eye-catching online works and on-site installations that families can engage with. These are specially created by nine local and international artists including Dinh Q Lê (Vietnam), Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan (Philippines/Australia), Jeremy Sharma (Singapore), Joyce Ho (Taiwan), Khvay Samnang (Cambodia), Nandita Mukand (Singapore/India), Nona Garcia (Philippines), Sandra Lee (Singapore), and Speak Cryptic X ADDADDADD (Singapore).

  • Museums
  • Natural history
  • Kent Ridge

A dinosaur fossil, a sperm whale skeleton, the only specimen of the largest species of turtle ever recorded, and an Asian Brown Flycatcher specimen collected by the famed British naturalist Alfred Wallace himself – these are just some of the highlights you’ll see at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. The gallery is perfect for anyone interested in wildlife – but not the legwork it involves. Sixteen zones display specimens that run the gamut of plants, fungi, mammals, dinosaurs and more. Surrounding the museum are four gardens such as the Phylogenetic garden, which charts the evolution of plants and habitats. The other gardens – themed after mangroves, swamps and dryland forests – feature plants that are unique to these habitats. Bonus: entry to the gardens is free. 

  • Attractions
  • Theme parks
  • Tanglin

Grab the whole family for an ice-cream fuelled exhibition at the Museum of Ice Cream (MOIC) Singapore. The highly-anticipated exhibition brings 14 never-before-seen attractions to its first international location outside of the US. 

Step foot into the 60,000 square foot property at 100 Loewen Road and be transported to a surreal world of scrumptious sights, sounds and of course, lots of tasty ice cream. Attractions you'll want to check out: discover your inner Picasso at the art-themed Museum of Modern Ice Cream, race with friends at Marble Run, finally get some travel going at California Dreamin' and boogie it up at the Scream's Diner jukebox. Kids and the young at heart will also love jumping around at Inflatable, or swimming in a sea of colourful sprinkles at the largest MOIC Sprinkle Pool ever. 

Don't forget the ice cream. Be treated to a bevvy of delectable flavours inspired by local delights including Pulut Hitam Potong ice cream, Lemon Bliss Balls, Lychee Bandung and Taro Milk Tea ice cream sandwiches. That's coming at you in unlimited servings too, so be sure that you have some space for dessert before visiting. 

  • Things to do
  • Sentosa

If there's one thing to tick off your kids' bucket lists, it's a day trip to renowned waxwork museum Madame Tussauds. Fancy a selfie with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp? Head on to the A-List Party section. You can also take a photo with some of our local heroes and celebs including Jack Neo and Gurmit Singh. Another feature to look out for when you head on over is the indoor boat ride, called Spirit of Singapore, which is unique to its Singapore outpost. It features some of our native plants, models of attractions and glimpses of local cultures, such as a re-enactment of a traditional Chinese opera. 


The Artground
  • Kids
  • Play spaces
  • Marine Parade

It's not too young to introduce art to the kids. The Artground in Goodman Arts Centre offers many art-centric and art-related programmes that help nurture creativity and curiosity in children. Besides the actual playground aspect of it – think interactive art installations that kids can actually touch and climb – other activities kids can get involved in over the weekends are gardening, performing arts (music, dance/movement & drama) as well as arts & craft activities. Though it's open for everyone age 12 and under, parents can join in on the fun too. 

Trick Eye Museum
  • Things to do
  • Sentosa

The Trick Eye Museum needs no introduction. The interactive 800-square-metre space at Resorts World Sentosa adorns six zones with different themes like Safari or Circus. Pose with three-dimensional paintings and optical illusion masterpieces for cute photo ops. The whole family will be fully immersed in the captivating pieces that reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Singapore by blending Eastern and Western influences. The cherry on top? These pieces are interactive in nature, so kids and adults alike can look forward to stepping inside or crawling into these exhibits and capturing the ultimate optical illusion.

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