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PrimaDéliCNY 2020
Photograph: PrimaDéli

The best pineapple tarts in Singapore

It isn’t Chinese New Year without pineapple tarts – and we share some of our top picks

By Nicole-Marie Ng

It's a fact. There is no Chinese New Year without pineapple tarts. And with one tart clocking in at 82 calories, we definitely don't want to be stuffing our faces with anything less than the best. We put 10 popular pineapple tart brands to the test and rank them from the best to the worst. You're welcome.

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Bakerzin CNY 2020
Photograph: Bakerzin

Classic Yuan Bao Pineapple Tarts ($26.92)

From Bakerzin

Each piece of pineapple tart from Bakerzin is a hefty ingot. Beside boding well for the new year, each serving packs the right amount of pastry-to-filling ratio. The pineapple jam is also not cooked down to a mush, with bits of fruit that adds texture to each bite.

Old Seng Choong CNY 2020
Photograph: Old Seng Choong

Yuzu Pineapple Tarts ($29.80)

From Old Seng Choong

These individually packed parcels make it easy to portion control, which is important since the ones from Old Seng Choong are buttery, fragrant – and packs the right amount of sweetness in the jam. Our favourite is the one perfumed with pulp and juice of yuzu, lending a bright citrus note to the snack.

Cedele CNY 2020
Photograph: Cedele

Pineapple Pocket Pie ($23)

From Cedele

It has a more jam-than-pastry ratio, but we don’t mind that since the pineapple jam comes “lightly sweetened”, making it each to pop more than a few in one sitting.

Kele CNY 2020
Photograph: Kele Facebook

Rose Pineapple Tarts ($29.80)

From Kele

Besides its festive, auspicious colour, the addition of rose in the pineapple tart lends a floral note to the fruity mixture. And as an added bonus, the scented snack comes as treat for the nose as well. 

The Pine Garden CNY 2020
Photograph: Time Out Singapore

Homemade Pineapple Tarts ($29.90)

From The Pine Garden

The Pine Garden tart scores points for its homemade jam – fresh pineapples are painstakingly hand-grated and cooked down to a paste that’s not overly sweet.

PrimaDéliCNY 2020
Photograph: PrimaDéli

Pillow Pineapple Tart ($19.80)

From PrimaDéli

We appreciate the snack-able serving size, and the moist, flaky buttery crust. But we wished that there was a little more pineapple jam filling in each of this tart.

Janice Wong Pineapple Tarts

Dark Chocolate Pineapple Tarts ($32)

From Janice Wong

Janice Wong’s 76% dark chocolate pineapple tarts ($32) are tarts with a twist that we didn't know we needed. True to her style, the local queen of desserts covers her crumbly tarts with dark chocolate and finishes them off with a touch of gold dust. The dark chocolate balances out the sweetness of the pineapple jam and also hides the dryness of the pastry. Nothing beats the traditional tart but if you're up to try something new, these tarts will definitely get your relatives talking.

Thye Moh Chan -  Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry

Gula Melaka Pineapple Pastry ($12)

From Thye Moh Chan

For fans of local flavours, be sure to grab Thye Moh Chan’s gula Melaka-infused pineapple pastries. If you need a little more sweetness in your life this festive new year, Thye Moh Chan’s Gula Melaka infused pineapple pastries are the way to go.

Eat your way to a huat new year


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