Iconic European dishes you need to try in Singapore

From Scandinavia to Sicily, get the best of European cuisine at these restaurants around town
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By Sofiana Ramli |

There's no need for tickets to Paris or Rome – these restaurants bring the best European eats to your table without the red-eye flight.

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icon-location-pin City Hall

Pork knuckle at Stuttgart Blackforest Boutique S-Café

Specialising in Swabian German cuisine, this café offers a large selection of meats including sausages like würstchen and bratwurst. But gun for its signature pork knuckle ($48) that’s bursting with flavour. $48

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icon-location-pin Rochor

Swedish meatballs at Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Two things immediately come to mind whenever Sweden’s mentioned: Ikea and meatballs. And at Halal joint Fika, the homemade sauce-smothered beef balls are served with baby potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumber – it’s not horsing around. $19

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icon-location-pin Marine Parade

Scotch eggs at Rabbit Carrot Gun

Bet you didn't know that the classic scotch egg is an English invention, not Scottish. Quirky resto-bar Rabbit Carrot Gun’s take on the golden treat is kept simple and traditional, featuring a hard-boiled egg with a perfectly runny centre. It’s encased in seasoned minced meat and coated in breadcrumbs before it hits the fryer. $10

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icon-location-pin Chinatown

Sea urchin and lobster paella at Esquina

Esquina puts its own spin on this Valencian staple. Topped with crunchy snow peas and chunks of creamy uni, the bella paella is cooked in lobster stock and mixed with saffron aioli to give this dish some mouthwatering depth. $32

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Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
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icon-location-pin Outram

Arroz marisco at Boca

This filling seafood and rice tomato-based stew is crammed with scallops, octopus, prawns and clams. It easily feeds two and due to its quantity and quality it’s our fave Portuguese dish in the city. Also order Boca’s Portuguese egg tart ($4). It melts in the mouth – no exaggeration. $36



icon-location-pin Sentosa

Paccheri alla Vittorio at Fratelli

Bored of pizza? Go full-on pasta instead. Simple but divine, this dish is made from the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy: al dente pasta, tangy tomato sauce, fresh basil and Parmigiano-Reggiano. $30

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icon-location-pin City Hall

Rösti at Wine Universe Singapore

Raclette and cheese fondue may be Swiss favourites but nothing beats the good ol’ rösti. Wine Universe serves its potato pancakes piping hot with a side of roasted sausages finished with a dollop of sour cream. $22

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icon-location-pin Tanglin

Open-faced smørrebrød sandwich at Fisk

Not your average open-faced sandwich, the ones at Fisk tastes just like what you’d get in the Nordics. Organic Norwegian butter is thinly spread on freshly baked rye bread sourced from a local artisanal bakery and then covered with toppings that range from smoked mackerel, Greenland deep-sea prawns, salmon tartare and trout roe. $4-$10

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icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Seafood bouillabaisse at Bar-Roque

You can’t beat Gallic cuisine. The snapper’s the main star of this centrepiece dish. The grilled fish comes with squid, clams, mussels, potatoes and seafood soup – a saffron broth that’s made from small fishes from the south of France. $38

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icon-location-pin Tanjong Pagar

Grilled squid souvlaki at Alati

Charcoal-grilled skewered meats are what you’ll find on any Greek menu but go pescatarian at seafood-focused Greek restaurant, Alati. Its calamari souvlaki is paired with black tzatziki, a dressing made of squid ink, Greek yoghurt and dill. $42

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