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FMAD: Sarah & Chris

Find me a date: Sarah and Chris

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow account of their blind date...

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Time Out Singapore editors

The date

Our daters had a meal at Sideways: Woodfired Restaurant & Bar

First impression

Sarah: “I was a bit surprised by the match. I wasn’t expecting someone in their mid-thirties. I thought he looked friendly.

Chris: “I was surprised because she arrived earlier than me, even though I was already early myself. She seemed cool and relaxed.”


Sarah: “We were able to talk openly about work, what we liked, and didn’t like. He made an effort to connect but I felt like he was just a friend and I don’t think we have similar interests.”

Chris: “We clicked pretty well in my opinion. We talked about everything and anything, so there may be some chemistry – but I’m not really good at reading this kind of stuff. But personally, I had a good time.”

Awkward Moment

Sarah: “During the date, he cracked jokes with the owner but she didn’t understand them and just seemed puzzled. He had to brush it off with an ‘oh, nevermind’. ”

Chris: “We asked the owner to help us take a picture. I made a couple of stupid jokes that kind of made her feel embarrassed. Can’t remember exactly, but it was something about Yishun.”


Sarah: “We just went home after dinner.”

Chris: “We couldn’t really do anything afterwards as we both had work the next day. We just walked to the MRT together and continued chatting.”


Sarah: ♥♥♥ “It was nice getting to know somebody from a different background but overall, there was no spark between us.”

Chris: ♥♥♥♥ “I had a really good time with her. If I had the chance, I would love to spend more time getting to know her in the future. ”

Find me a date: Sarah and Chris

  • Restaurants
  • Mediterranean
  • Rochor

The atmosphere

“The restaurant is very homey and the service staff really take the time to engage with customers.” – Sarah

The food

“The food was great! I loved the smoky eggplant and roasted shrimp. The chef definitely knows what he’s doing. ” – Chris

The drinks

“The cocktails were specially made by the owner based on what we like so I found it personal and unique.” – Sarah

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