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CDC Vouchers
Photograph: Bike Station Singapore

A guide to using your CDC vouchers in 2023

How to redeem, where to spend, and other tips to make the most of your $300

Pailin Boonlong
Written by
Pailin Boonlong

No one likes price hikes – it’s a constant gripe for many of us. To combat the soaring cost of living, every Singaporean household gets $300 in Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers this year. Now, you can spend $150 at participating heartland merchants and hawkers as well as $150 at participating supermarkets. Here’s how to conveniently redeem and spend your CDC vouchers in 2023.

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Redeem your CDC vouchers

First things first: you’ll need to redeem your CDC vouchers. Just one household member can claim the vouchers using their Singpass account – access the link here and log in through your Singpass. For those apprehensive of online scams, make sure that the link starts with It’s fairly straightforward from here on, since you’ll be directed to a redemption page that’s divvied up into $2, $5, and $10 sums. 

Tip: Don’t share your link with others – it’s a personalised link just for your household. 

This year’s scheme expires on December 31, and unlike previous schemes, there isn’t currently a way to donate your CDC vouchers as they’re intended to cushion rising inflation.

Spend your CDC vouchers

You can spend your vouchers at more than 20,000 hawkers and heartland stores all around our little red dot. It’s also the first time we can use our CDC vouchers at supermarkets, so load up your grocery baskets at participating supermarkets which includes Hao Mart, NTUC FairPrice, Prime Supermarket, Sheng Siong, and U Stars Supermarket. Just a note though, you won’t be able to use your CDC vouchers to buy alcohol, cigarettes, or any lottery products.

Look out for a teal sign (hawkers and heartland stores) or a bright yellow sign (supermarket) sign to see where you can spend your vouchers. Otherwise, you can also view the full list of participating vendors here, sorted according to your preferred area. 

When you want to spend your vouchers, it’s simple. Make sure to save the link on your phone, and when you’re ready to redeem, pull up the page and select the quantity of vouchers – you can present the QR code directly to the merchants.

Fun ways to use your CDC vouchers in 2023

CDC vouchers can be used for practical matters like grocery shopping and affordable lunches, but we can also use our vouchers for other fun activities. From treating yourself to coconut shakes to feasting on durians, you can use your vouchers to: 

Get a snazzy haircut

Why make an advanced booking and pay top dollar at one of the best hair salons in Singapore when you can easily stay within your area for the full works? To look your best for 2023, make the most of your CDC vouchers at one of these neighbourhood hair salons. From sun-kissed balayage to glossy blowouts, they do it all.


Pick up party supplies

Instead of splurging on pricey party planners and fancy-schmancy decor, support your local party supply shops by spending your CDC vouchers at stores like Funz Gifts and Party at Clementi and Wow! Let’s Party at Moulmein. These have all the party supplies you need, from themed balloons to festive lights.

Treat yourself to coconut shakes and bubble tea

Everyone loves an ice-cold cup of coconut shake or bubble tea. Make the most of your CDC vouchers and spend on the likes of Coconut Queen, My Little Coconut, and Teavana Bubble Tea. Meanwhile, check out the best bubble tea stores in Singapore if you’re simply looking to quench your thirst. 


Book chiropractor and acupuncture sessions

There are many chiropractors and acupuncturists listed on the CDC Scheme. Whether it’s to crack a bad back or to treat muscle pain, head over to one of the pros to get your body fit and ready.

Feast on durians

Since some popular durian sellers are listed on the CDC Scheme, take the chance to gather your friends and family for a durian feast. Mao Shan Wang or D24, these heartland durian shops carry a selection of ripe durians ready for savouring. This even includes famed Durian Lab Cafe at Bukit Merah, known for its durian ice cream and waffles. 


Enjoy mookata with family and friends

Take the chance to head out with friends and family for a hearty Thai mookata dinner. A surprising number of mookata diners fall under the CDC Scheme, including the ever-popular 888 Mookata at Changi Village or even Phuket Town Mookata in Ang Mo Kio. 

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