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The guide to the best toilets in Singapore

Yes, we actually did pay plenty of loos a visit to rate the best thrones in town
Written by
Delfina Utomo
Julia Lachica

We truly understand how important and satisfying it is to take a poop with the right frame of mind and in the right place. After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Even if you're out and about in the city – or in the middle of Mandai. We tried, we tested, we sniffed and now we have the results. From hotels to shopping malls, here are the top public restrooms in town to keep in mind the next time you've got to do the deed. 

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General toilets

  • Travel
  • Changi 

A classic forever, the Changi Airport toilets are probably cleaner than your house. I mean, it should be – it's being tended to every minute of every day and almost immediately after someone uses a cubicle. Amazing. The ambience is good, never a piss scent to ruin your moods and a session in the airport toilet is even better pre-holiday flight. 

  • Restaurants
  • Orchard

Separate from its landlord that is Wisma Atria, Japan Food Town is not only home to the best karaage in town but also the best toilets in the building. Two words: heated seats. And just like the ones in Japan, it also has an in-built bidet. It's not a necessity, but we love indulging in this luxury (for our bottoms).

  • Things to do
  • Mandai

Like the zoo itself, the toilets here are pretty... experiential. Enjoy pooping under foliage and washing your hands at the outdoor sink. Cleanliness depends on the zoo's traffic and if it rains but where else in Mandai will you get decent toilets like this one? 

Shopping mall toilets

ION Orchard
  • Shopping
  • Shopping centres
  • Orchard

Would this list be complete without the highly acclaimed ION toilet? The ladies room is basically the best place for ladies to congregate to retouch their makeup and do their hair. The toilet at ION is clean – the majority of the time – and spacious, with an island with hip to ceiling length mirrors in the middle of the washroom. The cubicles are also dim and private – the best when you need some privacy while you do a number two. 

  • Shopping
  • Orchard

Just a stone's throw away from ION, TripleOne Somerset has a pretty good looking toilet. Marble walls and a bidet? Fancy. State-of-the-art Dyson taps at the sink? We're going to stay in here for a while.  The cubicles had an alright toilet to door ratio, and the floors were fairly dry. Possibly the best-kept secret in Orchard.

Jewel Changi Airport
  • Property
  • Changi 

Let’s be real, any toilet in the vicinity of Changi Airport is bound to impress. The cubicles could at least hold a luggage or two for travellers who don’t dare to leave their bags unattended, and the lighting? Mirror selfie-worthy. 

Hotel toilets

  • Hotels
  • Rochor

The general decor of Andaz features locally-inspired designs in warm russet and mustard tones, wood-style tiling and mid-century modern finishes – and this extends to the interior of the toilets as well. Though the entrance is quite hidden, the toilets are classy and roomy. There is even art on the walls so you can stay back to lounge around after your private session. The real treat here are the bathrooms in the suites but that's for another time (and budget). 


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