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Phua Chu Kang
Photograph: MeWatch

8 things Singaporeans are weirdly proud about

We're proud of our hawkers, heritage and arts scene – but these are the things we're weirdly smug about

By Delfina Utomo

We already know how great our hawker food is, the restaurant scene is exciting and we're mighty proud of our culture and heritage. That aside, sometimes it's the weirdest and strangest things that Singaporeans get smug about. From putting the McSpicy on a pedestal to happily exchanging NS ghost stories years after ORD, here are some of the things we hold very dearly. 

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Photograph: McDonald's


Sure, other McDonald's branches around the world may have its own special creation but for us, the McSpicy is truly the jewel of Singapore.

Phua Chu Kang
Photograph: MeWatch

Phua Chu Kang

The television series revolving around a contractor who claims to be "best in Singapore, JB, and some say Batam" may have ended in 2007, but the people of Singapore still remember him fondly. He even came out of retirement to do a little ditty on yet another virus we want to minus. Phua Chu Kang lives.

Halloween Horror Nights
Photograph: Halloween Horror Nights


Superstitions play a big part in everyday life – things like how the numbers four and eight symbolise death and luck respectively and that when you smell jasmine and frangipani at midnight, something sinister is coming your way. Singaporeans love sharing NS ghost stories and haunted school toilet stories more than anything – and that's not going to change.

Swee Choon
Photograph: Swee Choon

Late night activities

When it comes to staying up – and out – late, Singaporeans are experts. Whether it's late-night prata, dim sum, hot pot or even karaoke (though maybe not anytime soon), we all have our favourites and are proud to challenge anyone who disagrees.

Photograph: Milo Singapore


Though invented in Australia, we've truly made Milo part of our own culture. There's Milo Dinosaur to go with late-night prata, ice Milo to cool down a McSpicy meal and also the iconic Milo van that turns up at sports events – we practically own the brand.

durian cheesecake
Photograph: The Orchard Cafe


It's durian season all year round and we're mighty proud about that. There's the standard fare of durian ice cream and puffs but there is also durian pizza, hot pot and fried rice. Every year it seems to get funkier and funkier – this year, it seems like durian Basque burnt cheesecake is trending.

Photograph: Kiasu Memes For Singaporean Teens

Local memes

Contrary to what many say, Singaporeans do have a sense of humour. Through tough times, we've bonded through humour. We did that during the circuit breaker, we did it again during elections season. We can be quite the self-deprecating and sarcastic bunch. After all, if you can't laugh at yourself, then you can't laugh at someone else.

Photograph: Flickr/British Council Singapore


It's one of the few things that is really ours so don't try to steal from us, can?

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