Where to watch the sunrise in Singapore

Wake up early and watch this great ball of fire rise from the horizon
By Tiffany Chow |

There are 365 (sometimes 366) days a year to watch the sunrise. So gather your friends, loved ones or pet and head out to these eight spots in Singapore. Don't forget to pack your camera and tripod as well.

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Jelutong campsite, Pulau Ubin
Photo: Donn Tan
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Pulau Ubin

icon-location-pin Palau Ubin

When was your last trip to Pulau Ubin? If it has been eons ago, then you’d best revisit the offshore island, where nature’s bounty is teeming and Singapore’s last kampong houses stand. Aside from being a setting for an eye-opening school excursion, Pulau Ubin also serves as a playground for overworked adults in need of a mini getaway. As bumboat rides to the island are available as early as 530am, beginning the day with the sunrise is possible. Upon reaching the island, walk along the sandy beaches towards the Jelutong Campsite from jetty. You’ll be gifted with the sun’s glory.

Woodlands Waterfront Park
Photo: NParks

Woodlands Waterfront Park

icon-location-pin Woodlands

It’s not just the convenience of crossing the causeway to Johor Bahru that the residents of Woodlands get the boast of. There’s also the Woodlands Waterfront Park that the Northern part of Singapore cherishes like a gem. With soaring views of the Straits of Johor, the 11-hectare park offers a scenic trail where early risers can fit it a morning stroll, while watching a glorious sunrise from the jetty.

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Mount Faber Park

While Bukit Timah Hill has claimed the title of the tallest hill in Singapore, it is without the blessing of offering phenomenal sunrise views like the way its stumpier sister Mount Faber can. Scale the hill either by driving or power walking to its peak before 7am to catch the sun ascends from the cityscape horizon.

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Kranji Reservoir Park

icon-location-pin Tengah

In Kranji Reservoir Park, you’ll find a memorial plaque that pays tribute to the brave soldiers who lost their lives in the Battle of Kranji during World War II. Aside from savouring this morsel of Singapore’s history, visitors can soak up the nature-related revelry offered in the park, such as picnics on the wide-open fields and fishing at designated areas. And of course, early-risers can also catch sight of the gorgeous sunrise, where the best spot for viewing is somewhere near the Kranji Dam.

Sembawang Park, sunrise
Photo: Matthew Ng
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Sembawang Park

icon-location-pin Sembawang

Head to the rim of the waters at the end of Sembawang Park and take your photo with the metal cranes in the background. Alternatively, walk along the beach for the classic sun-over-the-horizon shot. 

Photo: @matthew77ask

Tangjong Rhu

Tanjong Rhu

Here’s an obscure spot to catch the sunrise: Tanjong Rhu, or more specifically, the less trodden promenade that trails under the ECP and faces directly opposite Costa Rhu condominium. While it limits your exploration, the body of water, which stands in between the promenade and Costa Rhu, offers a dazzling reflection of the sun when it peeks out from hiding. It is truly a sublime view you should definitely capture on your phone.

Lower Seletar Reservoir, sunrise
Photo: Victormakw
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Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

icon-location-pin Yishun

Walk to the end of Heritage Bridge and, if the moon’s in alignment, you might even capture it beside the sun – no that spot isn’t dust on your lens. Or take your photos from the jetties near PA Water-Venture – there, you’ll be able to add elements to the image such as a boat and jetty. 

Photo: @victormakw

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East Coast Park

icon-location-pin Marine Parade

It’s easy to tell whether a picture is of the sunrise or sunset at East Coast Park: facing the sea, the sun rises on your left and sets on your right. For the best views, either go down the Bedok jetty or park yourself on the breakwater near carpark F2.

Changi Beach, sunrise
Photo: Sandytravelbag
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Changi Beach Park

icon-location-pin Changi 

It might be really out of the way but the best part about the sunrises here? The planes that you can capture in your shot (no Photoshop needed). 

Photo: @sandytravelbag

Marina Bay, sunrise, Merlion Park
Photo: Noppasin Wongchum

Marina Bay

At Merlion Park, frame the mythical beast in the foreground with the sun rising between the Singapore Flyer and the ArtScience Museum. Otherwise, walk towards One Fullerton to capture backlit silhouettes of the Flyer and Marina Bay Sands as they frame the rising ball of fire.