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A big bowl or pasta or a Sunday roast? Porque no los dos?

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

We've all had a proper sulk of what is nearing a full month of solid rain – Sydney is not famously an indoors town – but one good thing about garbage weather is that it justifies comfort food. Roll on the big bowls of pasta and Sunday roasts. And now, one genius café in the CBD is combining your two favourite cold-weather options into one delicious sounding dish.

White Rabbit on O'Connell Street in the CBD is calling it a Sunday roast pasta, but on the menu it's actually the pan-seared potato gnocchi. The little potato dumplings are turned a golden brown in the pan, taking the place of a classic roast potato. Those pillowy bites are then decked out in braised beef short rib (for the roast meat component), peas, gremolata and jus in place of gravy. All you're missing is the Yorkies. 

And the best part is you don't need to wait until Sunday to get it. It's on their daily lunch menu so as long as the rain sticks around you've got something that ticks all the comfort food boxes to counter it. 

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