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A sustainable burger bar has opened in Alexandria

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

Chef Rory Donnelly is has jumped on the high-end-chef-opening-burger-bars train with 4 Ounces Burger Co, a sustainable burger bar located at 38 Mitchell Road, Alexandria. 

Although we're definitely talking fast food here, with six burgers named after famous hip hop artists like the Common (four ounce patty, pickles, American cheese, mustard, ketchup and mayo on a potato bun) or the Champagne Papi (fried chicken, French fries, maple bacon, fresh curds, champagne gravy, milk bun), the twist for 4 Ounces is that the business has been designed with sustainability in mind.

They're sourcing their burger buns from social enterprise bakery, Bread and Butter Project; the beef for the patties and the chicken in your fried fillet is from ethical butcher Feather and Bone; and your fizzy-good is from Karma Cola, whose business model ensures the communities who supply their cola nuts profit fairly from the sales of their soft drinks. 

They're also reducing their food miles by getting their sweet treats from Donut Papi in Sydney, pickles from Australia's Westmont Picklery and their hot sauces from Diemen’s, who use native ingredients in their condiments. 4 Ounces also partner with OzHarvest for some extra good karma points.

Want to see through time? They've also got battered ghost chilli pickles on the menu.

They're still waiting on their liquor license so that they can start serving wines from Phillip Shaw in Orange, spirits from local cats Archie Rose and Poor Toms, a Tassie cider from Pagan and hyper local brews from Grifter Brewing Company and Willie The Boatman. See those food miles plummet with every bite you take.

Photograph: supplied

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